SINGGAPORE– TreeDots, the first online marketplace in Asia which links businesses with unsold food items to potential buyers so as to reduce food wastage, and Ray of Hope Initiative (ROHI), a crowdfunding platform established to allow individuals who are capable of providing aid to others to reach out to people who require such assistance, have teamed up to start the Food Fund Project to raise funds to purchase food for families from less privileged backgrounds.

The project, which commenced on 30th November, aims to raise $15,000 over four weeks to put food on the table of 250 beneficiaries from Beyond Social Services – a charity dedicated to helping children and youths from less privileged backgrounds – for 30 days. The $2 per day per beneficiary is possible as the food products are being purchased from the TreeDots platform which helps F&B companies match and sell their unsold inventory at deeply discounted prices.

TreeDots will be providing the food products in this entire initiative, these food products are mainly unsold inventory from businesses due to industry practices such as overstocking products, cancelled orders, or with less than 10 months to expiry, but still perfectly safe for consumption. The products are therefore deeply discounted and can feed more people for longer durations at lesser cost.

ROHI will be the platform where all the funds are channeled to. Their core operations revolve around building up a secure and transparent platform to allow individuals who are capable and keen on donating to reach out to those in need, and ensures that their funds safely reach the respective beneficiaries. They will also undertake the task of checking each of the beneficiary to prevent any form of frauds and false claims to such funds. A fraction of beneficiaries would also be provided by ROHI in this initiative.

Beyond Social Services will be in charge of their own portion of beneficiaries, and will undertake the role of distribution of the food products to these beneficiaries.

Those keen to contribute may make a donation at their platform –—Project-Thanksgiving

More info about our movement can be found here

“The amazing thing about Food Fund is really the showcasing of how three social enterprises with different missions can come together to magnify their impact in society, and provide much more than what we could have ever done alone,” said Lau Jia Cai, CEO of TreeDots

“Ray of Hope Initiative is delighted to be working with Tree Dots to raise awareness for the Food Fund. Through the Food Fund, we hope donors will be able to meaningfully contribute to reduce food waste, whilst benefitting the underserved and underprivileged in the community,” said Ms Tay Shu Ying, Programme Manager of ROHI.