Mega launches Android app, says iOS app and Windows sync client coming soon

Kim Dotcom’s Mega, the cloud storage service based in New Zealand, has officially arrived on Android. You can download the official app now directly from Google Play.
The release won't shock anyone who has used established rivals like Dropbox and Google Drive, but it is reasonably complete with two-way transfers, image previews and automatic camera syncing. It won't be alone for long, either. Mega says that both iOS and Windows apps are in the last stages of testing, which could give us more of an incentive to try what's still a very young service.
Dotcom has mentioned multiple times that an iOS app was in development, so it might be curious for those who have been following him to learn that Google’s mobile platform actually received first dibs. The devil is in the details, as they say; the app’s changelog on Google Play reveals that “The app has been acquired by Mega and is now being maintained by Mega contractors.”