Xi Jinping Declares: No Force Can Halt China’s Tech Advancement!


In a recent meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized China’s steadfast commitment to technological advancement, particularly in the semiconductor industry. Xi asserted that no external force could obstruct China’s progress, stating, “The Chinese people have the right to development, and nothing can stop China’s scientific and technological advancement.”
Tensions between China and the Netherlands heightened after both countries, in collaboration with the United States, implemented measures to limit the export of advanced chip technology to China, citing apprehensions regarding its potential military use.
This action impacted the Dutch tech company ASML, preventing it from exporting essential extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) machines to China. These machines play a crucial role in chip manufacturing and are used by prominent companies such as Taiwan’s TSMC to produce state-of-the-art chips.
Despite China’s objections to the export restrictions, the Netherlands maintained its position firmly. In reaction, President Xi called for collaboration instead of division, highlighting the negative impacts of creating scientific and technological barriers.
Both leaders reiterated their dedication to dialogue and cooperation, indicating a readiness to participate in constructive talks to address differences and promote mutually advantageous relationships.