Tragic Death of 10-Year-Old Girl in Patiala Raises Concerns Over Online Cake Orders


A birthday celebration in Patiala turned tragic when a 10-year-old girl passed away reportedly due to complications from an online cake order. This incident has sparked widespread outrage online and has brought attention to the need for regulations governing cloud kitchens on food delivery platforms.
The family had ordered a cake via Zomato on March 24th. Shortly after consuming the cake, the girl and several family members fell ill, with the girl tragically succumbing to the illness later.
In response, Zomato offered their condolences and took action against the restaurant involved. A company spokesperson expressed deep sadness over the incident. The girl’s grandfather shared details of the order, pointing out inconsistencies in the process. He mentioned that the cake was ordered online around 6 pm, and by 11 pm, everyone who ate it was sick. While some recovered, the family lost their granddaughter.
The police have initiated an investigation based on the family’s complaint, suspecting food poisoning as the cause. Concerns were raised as the registered address for the bakery, “Cake Kanha,” did not match its actual location, leading to questions about a potential cloud kitchen operation. Additionally, discrepancies in billing suggested that the order might have originated from a different city altogether.