Voice recognition tool Dragon updates Android app

Popular voice recognition app Dragon updated Android app with hands-free driver mode,voice notifications and new customization options 
today. Dubbed “Intelligent Driver Mode”, the updated version of Dragon helps users keep their eyes on the road when they’re driving and not on their phone. 
With Dragon, your personalized voice-enabled virtual assistant is 'always on' and ready to respond to your requests. Dragon Mobile Assistant can tell friends where you are, can dial you into scheduled conference calls and – using our text to speech technology – Dragon Mobile Assistant can read your calendar alerts, Facebook Newsfeed updates and your text messages back to you. Running on empty? Just say, "Give me directions to a gas station near here." Craving pizza? Ask Dragon, "What's the closest pizza place?" Need to catch up on your favorite shows? Just say "Netflix" to launch the app. And when you're looking to find your friends at the new taqueria down the street, just ask Dragon "Where's John?" to see his location on the map.
In addition to driver mode, Dragon has also been updated to include voice notifications that will transcribe Facebook status updates, messages, incoming calls, and even calendar events.
Currently, Dragon is only available in English and only for those users in the US.