Boeing Black: Smartphone that self-destructs!!


Boeing unveiled a smartphone on Wednesday that appears to come straight from a James Bond spy movie.The aerospace and defense company filed documents for the phone with the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday. These documents were first sighted by tech site Myce, and Boeing confirmed with CNET that it has indeed released the device, which runs on Google's Android.

Boeing Black is based on a proprietary security architecture that Boeing calls "PureSecure." Like Samsung's Knox platform, it has a 'trusted boot' mode that can detect and thwart any attempt to root the device or disable it if it can't. In addition to onboard media encryption for internal storage, the phone can be configured to inhibit certain functions based on location or the network it is connected to in order to prevent data loss. It might also be used to disable the device's camera in secure facilities.
The "inhibit" features come into play with Black's dual mobile network support. The phone has slots for two SIM cards, one for commercial networks and one for private government networks. The phone can switch personalities between the two and lock down data and features on the phone that are restricted to government networks when connected to a commercial provider.In addition to encrypting calls, any attempt to open the casing of the Boeing Black Smartphone deletes all data and renders the device inoperable.
In addition to its internal storage (the size of which wasn't specified in Boeing's product sheet), the Black also supports SD memory cards. And while previous reports said the Black had an HDMI interface, it actually has a PDMI (Portable Digital Media Interface) port. That's a port used by the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak, providing a two-lane DisplayPort connection, HDMI remote functionality, and USB 3.0 connectivity in addition to a way to charge the device. There's also a straight USB port and Boeing's proprietary 'modular expansion port' for the connection of secure, mission-specific add-ons. The expansion port can be used for integrating additional sensors or technology enhancements like satellite connectivity or expanding power capacity, plus other customizations,according to Boeing's product sheet.
A Boeing spokesperson told CNET that "Boeing Black" is having unique embedded hardware and software security. It also is compatible with other mobile management systems.
"Designed to meet the evolving security needs of defense and security customers, Boeing has released a modular smartphone to enable secure access and exchange of critical data and communications on a trusted mobile device," the spokesperson said. "Boeing has drawn on its deep expertise in information assurance, advanced technology partners and a US-based manufacturer to provide an innovative, secure and flexible mobile solution."
The secure phone marks an extension of the communications arm of the Chicago-based aerospace and defense contractor, which is best known for jetliners and fighter planes.