Canberra Community Club and Kairalee Spreads National Day Cheer with ‘Food for Needy’ Program


Singapore, August 17, 2023 – In the spirit of the National Day festivities, the Canberra Community Club came together to organize a heartwarming event called the ‘Food for Needy’ program. The aim was to bring joy to the needy residents of the community by providing them with delicious meals.

The generous support for this initiative came from Singapore Kairalee KalaNilayam (Kairalee), who sponsored a hundred food bentos. These special meals were then distributed to a hundred deserving individuals who were in need. The event succeeded to fill their stomachs and warm their hearts during these celebratory times.

The distribution of the food bentos was a significant moment, as it symbolized the caring spirit of the community. Dr. Lim Wee Kiak, the esteemed advisor to the Canberra GROs, took the role of distributing the meals to the recipients. His presence added a touch of importance to the event, showing that the community’s leadership was actively involved in reaching out to those in need.

Balan Anil Kumar, the committee’s captain, along with Gangadharan Kunnon, the president, and Rajith Mohan, the secretary of Kairalee, lent their support to the cause by participating in the event. Their involvement highlighted the collaborative effort between the Canberra Community Care team and Kairalee in making this program a success.

The ‘Food for Needy’ program was not just about providing meals; it was about coming together as a community, supporting each other, and spreading joy during a time of celebration. The event showcased what a small act of kindness can have on the lives of those who need it the most.