First Malayalam Qawwali Music Album Produced in Singapore: “Biriyani Song”


Singapore Kairalee Film Forum, in collaboration with Torpid Panther production, has unveiled a groundbreaking project, introducing the first-ever Malayalam Qawwali music album titled “Biriyani Song“. Directed by Rajith Mohan, the album promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of traditional Qawwali elements infused with the essence of Malayalam music.

With vocals by Debasissh Adhikary and Preji C K, and lyrics penned by Manoj A B S, the music direction by Debasissh Adhikary ensures a melodious journey through the rhythms and melodies of Qawwali. The album’s edit and color are masterfully crafted by Chandrakanth, adding visual allure to the auditory experience.

This pioneering endeavor marks a significant milestone, being the first Malayalam Qawwali album originating from Singapore. The project brings together a talented team comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds, each contributing their expertise to create a harmonious fusion of cultures.

The cinematography, divided into two schedules, boasts a team led by Abin Siby, Abhishek, Padma Kumar N, and Thomas Choolackal for the first schedule, and Godwin David and JP Gautham for the second. The chorus, featuring Manoj A B S, Shanish K P, and Sujith K C, enriches the musical narrative, while Divya Balaji’s choreography adds a visual spectacle to the performances.

The cast includes notable talents such as Amjit Ali, Debhashish Adhikari, Keerthivas Patteri, Mihir Kundu, Neeraj Krishnan, Ronia Godwin, Shanish K P, Thair Hussain, and Vivek C P, each bringing their charisma to the screen.

The musical ensemble behind the scenes includes Debhashish Adhikari on harmonium and keyboard, Debhashish Bhattacharya on dholak, Haidar Hussain on shehnai, Mihir Kundu on tabla, and Raja on banjo. The studio credits go to Resonance Kolkata and SIFAS Singapore, contributing to the impeccable sound quality of the album.

“The Biriyani Song” promises to be a cultural extravaganza, celebrating the confluence of Malayalam and Qawwali traditions. With its stellar cast, talented crew, and soul-stirring music, this album is poised to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for the release date, as Singapore Kairalee Film Forum and Torpid Panther production invite music enthusiasts to embark on this musical journey like never before.