Evernote Food 2.0: Your Entire Food World In A Single App


Evernote Food 2.0 for Android offers revamped UI and now including a new navigation drawer with four main sections. Evernote Food is divided into four sections (Explore Recipes, My Cookbook, Restaurants, and My Meals) that together form an ever-evolving chronicle of your life in food. Get Evernote Food 2.0 on Google Play


Explore Recipes: Browse and Search Thousands of Recipes
Just search by ingredient and see recipes from a broad array of the best food blogs and sites. Whether you’re out and about or relaxing at home, just open the app on your phone or tablet to see thousands of recipes from the best food blogs and sites to browse, search, and save. Tap any recipe that strikes your fancy. If you like what you see, tap the elephant icon at the top right of the screen to clip it to the My Cookbook section.


My Cookbook: Your Beautiful Digital Recipe Collection
If you love to cook, recipe collecting can be kind of a scattered process. If you’ve been using Evernote to store recipes, you likely have recipes in different formats: ones you’ve scanned or photographed, those you’ve manually typed into a note, and recipes you’ve clipped using the desktop Web Clipper. Evernote Food recognizes these as recipes and will automatically bring them into your digital cookbook. Just tap My Cookbook in the app, then scroll to find the recipes you’ve saved in Evernote Food and Evernote. Tap a recipe and you’re ready to get cooking.


Restaurants: Build a Wish List, Book a Table
The Restaurants feature allows you collect all the restaurants you want to try in a tidy list ready to inform your next outing. Whether you want to experience a new hot spot or plan your food itinerary for an upcoming trip, Evernote Food lets you build your own ultimate restaurant wish list and book a table when you’re ready to dine.


My Meals: Create & Share Your Food Photo Essays
My Meals has been re-imagined to be better than ever. Use it to create gorgeous shareable photo essays documenting all of your food adventures, from the step-by-step process of baking a cake to capturing a birthday dinner out with friends. The interface for My Meals is easy to navigate, and it’s simple to either take photos in the moment or attach them from your device gallery to create a note later. The photos display right alongside your personalized captions for each image.



You can add a title and location to each meal, as well as a short description of the note. Go back and edit a note anytime to perfect it, from swapping out images to tweaking captions. When your note is finished, you’ll find the multiple sharing options available to Android users by tapping the overflow or options menu. From posting via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more, the app lets you share the food you love with friends and family however you wish.

News & Image :  Evernote Blog