Free Fifties: An interview with Anu Garg


In conversation with Anu Malik Garg – author of Amazon bestselling book Free Fifties. Anu’s calling has been writing and is experienced in all forms of writing as a Journalist, Editor, and Content Strategist for digital, print, & social media. She is a wanderer, traveller, digital nomad, and amateur photographer with a poet’s soul. Recently, Anu Garg, a self-help advocate, released her debut book titled “Free Fifties.” The book comprises poems, prose, and guided exercises that take readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind writing Free Fifties? 

When I hit fifty, I suddenly realised how time has flown! It was a moment where the woman in me woke up to take account of who I am, question my achievements and what are my goals in the next innings – and to my surprise, I fell short of answers. That’s when these intense conversations with myself began. The poems & prose in Free Fifties are a few slices of those conversations, self-revelations, and memories bitter and sweet. 

What are some of the themes that you explore in the book?

Free Fifties is about self-reflection, self-healing, self-discovery, and self-love. But it also represents the journey of every human being. We need to take a pause, reflect, ponder, know ourselves, evolve and then re-evolve. The book takes you through various touch points of your life and to fall in love with yourself. 

In addition to the written pieces, “Free Fifties” includes guided writing exercises. How do they contribute to the overall experience of the book?

I did not want it to be just a poetry book that a reader skims through. During my process of internalisation, I would write, engage in debates with my inner self and explore different perspectives. Drawing upon my experience as a Design Thinking trainer, I created mind maps to examine various aspects and expressed my thoughts through poetry and prose. I used these tools and time to embark on a journey of healing. It helped me to see things more clearly. And that’s what I wanted every reader to go through. 

What can people learn by reading your book?

Through heartfelt words and introspective exercises, this book offers solutions to help prioritize your happiness, cultivate self-compassion, and become your own best friend. The exercises & prompts catalyse a healing journey through the past by letting go of the baggage of regrets, and guilt. You learn to prioritise yourself, your goals, and your happiness first and discover methods to cultivate and support your mental health.

Could you share any examples or excerpts from the book that particularly resonated with the themes of self-healing and self-love?

The favourite section of many readers is “Notes to Myself.” It’s a short section where I revisited different versions of myself at pivotal points of my life and left little appreciative notes to all those versions of me who make me what I am today. They loved and resonated with this concept of self-love and compassion. 

What has been the response to the book?

The response has been amazing. The book became an Amazon bestseller in 2 categories, the Most gifted book in another category in just one month. That’s not all, there’s been a free fifties-inspired birthday party, author talks, and workshops. I am so grateful to everyone for accepting the book with so much love. 

How has writing this book changed your life?

The response has been amazing. It began as a small poetry book and evolved into a self-help book. Not only women of all ages, but men, youngsters everyone is liking the concept of the book. The sense of achievement & recognition by the family & friends has been amazing. The workshops have been getting a fantastic response. And my biggest accomplishment is when women come and tell me that they are happier. It’s very heartening to hear that. 

What are your hopes for the future of Free Fifties?

I wish to reach out to as many people as possible and tell them that You are your first love, friend and priority. So, get to know yourself first, accept yourself, work on yourself and fall in love with YOURSELF all over again. 

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