Google celebrates its 15th birthday with piñata doodle


Google is celebrating its 15th birthday with a piñata doodle appearing on its home page. Users hit a swinging piñata with a stick using the space bar to release sweets and earn points. The internet search company also announced on its birthday that it had updated its search algorithm to make it more responsive to user requests.

Google's birthday has shifted around over the years, but it currently is celebrated on September 27th. The exact year of Google's "birth" depends on how you measure it.

Search for “google in 1998,” and you’ll see how Google used to look back then, in the year of its birth. The head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts, shared the news on Twitter.

The company is now based in Mountain View, California, at a sprawling complex located about seven miles from the 1,900-square-foot home where Page and Brin paid $1,700 per month to rent the garage and a bedroom. The co-founders' landlord was Susan Wojcicki, who is now a Google executive and Brin's sister-in-law.