IFFK to feature films by 32 women directors


As many as 32 films by women directors will be screened at the international film festival of Kerala (IFFK), reflecting on the survival and life of women. The festival will feature films by women directors from 17 countries.

Iranian director and activist Mahnaz Mohammadi will be honoured with Spirit of Cinema award during the festival.

25 films will be screened under the world cinema categy and two films in Malayalam cinema today section. Claire Denis’s ‘Both sides of the Blade’ has been scheduled under auteur odes category, Nandita Das’s ‘Zwigato’ in kaleidoscope section, ‘The Turin Horse’ and ‘Werckmeister Harmonies’ co-directed by Agnes Rensky and Bela Tarr will also be screened at IFFK.

Marina Er Gorbach’s film ‘Klondike’, which has been scheduled under the world cinema category, focuses on the realities of Ukrainian women’s life.

Mia Hansen Love’s ‘One Fine Morning’, Maryam Touzani’s ‘The Blue Caftan’, Valentina Maurel’s ‘I have electric dreams’, Marie Kreutzer’s ‘Corsage’, Alli Hapazalo’s ‘Girl picture’, Carla Simon’s ‘Alcarras’, Julia Murat’s ‘Rule 34’ are the other films to be screened among others.