One Night Only Premiere of Baka Vadha on 22 February 2015


Singapore: One-night-only kathakali dance-drama premiere of Baka Vadha at 7:00 PM on 22 February 2015 at the Goodman Arts Centre. The epic Mahabharatha is cleverly peppered with many little episodes that highlight the essence of some of its characters. Baka Vadha is one such episode where the immense might of Bheema is portrayed.  

About Bhaskar’s Arts Academy’s Kathakali Troupe:

BAA’s Kathakali Troupe was formed in 2002, consisting of principal dancers trained in India. It is now the only group of its kind outside India, promoting this unique art form in Singapore and beyond.

The troupe was set up under the artistic direction of the late Mr KP Bhaskar, whose vision was to expand the repertoire of Kathakali by producing innovative cross-cultural works that appeal to new audiences in a cosmopolitan age. Its first production was hence a Tamil performance Thadaka Vadham (2002) under the artistic direction of Kalamandalam Biju. Continuing in this vein, Biju has also directed Cherita Singapura (2003) and Lady Spiders (2006) with Malay and Mandarin lyrics respectively. He also gave a Kathakali twist to the Shakespearean tragedy King Lear (2009).

Currently, the troupe continues to produce traditional pieces in Malayalam as well as explorative works both locally and internationally and has brought works to India and Mexico over the years.


Goodman Arts Centre

90 Goodman Rd, 439053

For Tickets, Call BAA:  63366537/63964523 or email  [email protected].