Re-Living the 70’s Singapore: Avant Theatre’s ‘Quarters’ on 19th & 20th June


This June Avant Theatre celebrates 'Quarters', a theatrical extravaganza commemorating SG50. This play aims to take us back to the 1970's Singapore, where we relive the days when the communal & cohesive living environment was predominantly making way for a multicultural Singapore. 

The play will portray many incidences that will depict the global understanding of culture and how it all amalgamates to form the melting pot that will give rise to a Singapore identity. This production aims to serve a multitude of platforms and purposes, in that it hopes to induce a magical experience taking us back to the era that was the revolutionary 1970's in a Singaporean setting, along with day today shenanigans portrayed by a community coming together to celebrate the nation's birthday in a comical yet thought provoking manner. 

Show date: June 19th & 20th (7.30 PM) 

Venue: Victoria Theatre  

Language: Tamil, Malay & Hokkien (with English surtitles) 

Ticketing hotline: 98993002

Ticketing link:

Enquiries: [email protected]

Teaser of  Quarters: