Written by Garv Batra, a secondary 2 student at Raffles Institution, Singapore, sharing his views in lieu of this current pandemic across the globe.

How the world is changing because of this CORONAvirus?

The CORONA –  The COnsolidated ReOrganisation of (Earth’s and human’s) NAature

From 18th century to 21st Century,

From machines to cybernatics,

From World War 1 to COVID-19,

We went on and on without any fear,

Time has now come to take a reverse gear,

We loaded Earth with so much produce,

Earth has finally clinched its clasps, just to reduce!

And the impact is :

Earth is in re-making,

Mother nature is re-creating,

Physical, Natural and Material, all worlds are transforming,

Human intervention in nature is loosening,

Ones at the verge of extinction are now emerging,

Blue Skies, Mirror Oceans,

Air freed from emissions,

Seems like,

Nature’s legacy is reviving,

Wow! the World is metamorphosing.

To fight against COVID:

Countries are grappling,

Citizens are uniting,

Solidarity is building,

Humanity is Surfacing,

Attitude of reverence towards unsung heroes is stimulating,

Capacity of compassion beyond national boundaries is increasing,

Urbanization is shifting,

Ruralisation is dominating,

Busy Bees are relaxing,

Family interaction is building,

Relationships are strengthening,

Creativity is augmenting,

Times are now changing,

A new era is evolving,

We all are witnessing this revolution,

Let’s see it as a blessing in disguise,

O’ lord we know,

You are in full swing to make us act wise!

In a nutshell:

Let’s stay home, stay safe and get ready to rise