Musing by Chaithra Madan

A different language is a different vision of life.

Learning our native language, despite being in a foreign country, is no easy feat. Our little girl is proving us wrong by learning the alphabets, quickly and efficiently, in a short span of time. We were in awe of her when she read out words from the newspaper, in a language which was completely new to her. Apparently, we had mastered reading the language much later in life.

She is currently in India staying with grandparents for the summer vacation. 

Why did we decide to send her to India for the holidays?

1. She loves spending vacation with grandparents. All she needs is to be surrounded by people who shower her with love and invest their time to play and grow old with her. 

2. Summer in Dubai can be too hot to go out and play in the park or ride the scooter in the neighborhood or join an “outdoor sport” summer camp.

3. As humans, we tend to appreciate each other more when we take a break and stay away from each other for a while.

4. It will enable her to interact and socialize with her own people and easily blend in with them in the future.

5. She will make memories that will last for a lifetime with her grandparents and loved ones.

6. She will learn things that we would never be able to teach her, with our little knowledge of motherland.

7. She will easily adapt to change and will have little problems adjusting to new surroundings.

8. She will be able to speak in our native language fluently, which is something that is difficult to learn in elementary school here.

9. Last but not the least, she will become a more independent person.

The last time we had a video chat with our doll, she said she was missing her friends in the apartment, to which we showed her the empty park and the pool with no swimmers. She asked about her toys, to which we said they are all washed and safely kept in the shelf. 
She asked about the TV, sofa & bed in the house.

“Just to add some fun to this post and to give you an idea of how much of a creative artist our little one is, I have attached a passport size photograph of hers. This was a result of a regular bored day at home. Nothing else. Period.”