Viber crossed the 140 million user mark; Released 2.3 with stickers, emoticons and more


The free messaging and voice calling app viber has announced that, it has passed the 140 million users mark, growing at 400,000 new users per day. The announcement coincides with the release of a special fun version of its popular mobile app, version 2.3 for android and iPhone, with lots of features like stickers, emoticons etc.

New version for iPhone and Android contains,

1. Playful emoticons
2. Fun stickers
3. A new “Send Location” feature that allows you to share a map of any location you choose
4. An enhanced messaging experience with an updated user interface

Additionally, the Android version of the application includes a new setting, allowing users to select their phone’s current ringtone and message tone for Viber calls and messages as well.

On top of applications for iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Android, Viber also offers apps for BlackBerry, Nokia (S40 / Symbian) and Bada, althought the latter three don’t (yet) include support for the free voice calling feature.

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