A wonderful musical time last Sunday in the divine musical journey -‘Yathra’ by TFA


The selection of songs and the way they were rendered were impeccable.  The students of Temple of fine arts  (TFA ) did a great job.  The presentation of the songs were excellent especially when male and female singers sang the verses and kalpana swarams alternatively.  The kids did an equally mind boggling job with their amazing renditions so effortlessly.  Kudos to the teacher who handled them with great expertise. Together with awesome accompaniments, the whole show was a feast to our ears. 

The raaga aalapanai to the song 'Kapali' in flute, violin and veena are still ringing in my ears. The Mirudangam had taken the whole show to a greater height with an enjoyable and blasting thaniavarthanam for 'Kapali'.

The Veena, ghatam and morsing were amazing with their performance. After a long time got to hear morsing in such a soothing way that added extra feathers to the renditions.

 The host as Sage Narada was the center of attraction who stole the show  taking us to great heights of devotion with his beautiful narration on immortal Saints and composers. His  natural ease in carrying out, humor and devotion were heartwarming. 

I greatly admire the hard work and the passion of the music teachers of TFA who had trained their students so well as to mesmerise us with their songs. Last but not the least, the theme of the programme was excellent and true to its name, we had a fulfilling 'Yathra' which I am sure will make us reflect on our 'selves' listening to such wise, philosophical and devotional versus in the songs and looking forward to enjoying more of TFA's productions.