ASEAN-India PBD 2018 Highlights: A session on ‘Strengthening Tourism and Connectivity’


Chair: Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr. M. Kayveas, advisor in the Ministry of Transport, Malaysia.

Panel of speakers included Mr. Prashant Agrawal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, India.

Mr. Chang Chee Pey, Executive Director, South Asia, Middle East & Africa, Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore

Ms. Sowmya Srinivasa, Sr. AGM, Country Manager, Air India, Singapore

Ms. Felicia Tan, Oncologist & Director, M/S Ravishing India Holidays Pte Ltd

It was interesting and heartwarming, to hear a Singaporean – Ms. Felicia Tan – who travels and organises tours to India; speak passionately about how she wishes India to get more tourists.

Her 10 step suggestion for making sure tourists get a great experience in India was received with lots of laughter as well as acceptance.

The panelists spoke about their respective experiences and suggestions for promoting tourism between India and ASEAN.

Medical tourism, easy Visa application and increased direct flights to various destinations was also discussed during the Q & A session.