Experience ‘Spring Harmony’ with the Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir at Victoria Theatre


Singapore: Get ready to immerse yourself in an enchanting fusion of melodies and harmonies as the Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir (SIOC) proudly presents “Spring Harmony,” their highly anticipated concert at the esteemed Victoria Theatre on 10th March 2024.

In a celebration of musical diversity and unity, “Spring Harmony” marks a significant milestone for the SIOC, now in its 39th year, as they make their debut as a performing arts company. This concert promises an unforgettable evening of musical brilliance, showcasing the collective talent of 36 vocal and instrumental virtuosos, including seasoned performers with over 25 years of experience, alongside promising emerging artists.

Under the direction of the SIOC’s esteemed conductors, the choir, boasting a rich blend of male and female voices, and the orchestra, featuring a diverse array of strings, percussion, wind, and keyboard instruments, will captivate audiences with a repertoire that seamlessly integrates elements of Indian classical music with innovative compositions, multicultural collaborations, and groundbreaking harmonizations.

Highlights of the evening include the premiere of exclusive compositions crafted specifically for the SIOC by renowned musical maestros from India and Singapore. Audiences can also anticipate experimental harmonizations exploring the nuances of raagas (melodic scales) and symphonies, pushing the boundaries of orchestral concert music.

True to the SIOC’s signature style, the concert will feature harmonious blends of classical and contemporary, Indian and world music, complemented by a multi-ethnic ensemble comprising Chinese and Malay musicians from Singapore, as well as members of the prestigious Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

The pièce de résistance of the evening will be “Unity in Divinity,” a special composition celebrating religious harmony through the unifying power of music, reflecting the spirit of inclusivity and diversity that defines Singapore.

With a curated repertoire designed to appeal to diverse musical tastes and surprise elements sprinkled throughout, “Spring Harmony” promises an evening of musical delight for all.

“Spring Harmony,” presented by the Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir (SIOC), will take place on 10th March 2024 at the Victoria Theatre, with support from the National Arts Council and Temasek Foundation. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of music in harmony with the spirit of spring.

Tickets are now available for purchase. For more information and ticket bookings, visit SIOC’s official website or contact the Victoria Theatre box office.

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