Brand New Book: Shipping Law For Business People (2012)


Shipping Law For Business People (2012)

By Suchitthra Vasu

Published December 2012 By Acumen Publications 


“…contains within one volume an easily accessible introduction to each of the many areas of private law which make up shipping law together with an explanation of the role and purpose of applicable international convention.”

       -Honourable Mr Justice Teare, Royal Courts of Justice London


“The book has been written in the author’s usual easy reading style which makes it a pleasure to read. In the process, the acquisition of knowledge is made simple and painless.”

      -Dato Jude Benny, founder of law firm Joseph Tan Jude Benny in Singapore

Singapore 21st December 2012…This 200-page hardback is a wholesome compendium of pertinent shipping law concepts and other marine operational concepts. Written in a crisp user-friendly style, Shipping Law For Business People traces the advent of the shipping industry from the time when seagoing vessels were first crafted in Egypt and Mesopotamia. It journeys into the hull and machinery of the vessel, the staff and management, and discusses the most significant shipping disasters of the world.

It then opens out into the various important International Maritime Conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The IMO regulates the international shipping industry which covers the carriage of goods by sea for trade and the movement of passengers on cruise liners for pleasure.

The most pertinent International Conventions with their interpretations are captured to give the reader a succinct bird’s eye view of what to do and where to get assistance when a casualty occurs at sea.

Man crosses the oceans everyday and yet the sea is not a safe place. In this timely and well-researched book, the reader will learn about what to do, when to do the necessary, and how and why to abate the dangers and avoid pitfalls in order to make crossing the oceans and seas safe.

Interesting and at many points intriguing, accolades have already come in from maritime lawyers. Nick Sansom Director of Charles Taylor Mutual Management (Asia) Pte Ltd in Singapore, describes it as “a much needed book”, while Robert Springall, Partner at Holman Fenwick and Wilan in Melbourne Australia has endorsed the value of this book particularly to those new to the shipping industry and as a quick reference guide to maritime lawyers, surveyors, mariners and anyone practicing in the industry.


Suchitthra Vasu is a Singapore-based lawyer and author of several locally and internationally well-received books and articles on aspects of the law. Some of her works have also been recognised by the United Nations in Geneva.


Titles include:

The Role of The United Nations and International Red Cross in Armed Conflict published 1996 and The Right of a Minor in Singapore published 1999.

Shipping Law For Business People (2012)

By Suchitthra Vasu

Published December 2012 by Acumen Publications (an imprint of Apex Publications Services).

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