Congress Leader Criticizes Kangana Ranaut’s Choice of Words in ‘Baap-Dada Ki Riyasat’ Comments


Congress leader Vikramaditya Singh responded strongly to Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut’s remarks during the election campaign, labelling her choice of words as “unfortunate.” Their verbal clash escalated as Ranaut, BJP’s candidate from the Mandi Lok Sabha seat, and Singh, Congress’ frontrunner for the same seat, exchanged heated comments prior to the parliamentary elections.
Ranaut, speaking at a rally in Manali, criticized Singh’s earlier description of her as a “queen of controversies” and challenged his assertions about her remarks on beef consumption. She rebuked Singh’s statements and expressed confidence in her chances of winning, dismissing his criticism as baseless.
Singh, in response, expressed respect for Ranaut but condemned the language she used, considering it disrespectful to the state’s rich culture and traditions. He emphasized the importance of maintaining dignity and decorum in political discourse, particularly in a region like Himachal Pradesh, known as “Devbhoomi.” The exchange also included jabs at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, with Ranaut referring to him as “Bada Pappu” and Singh highlighting concerns about preserving women’s empowerment (“nari Shakti”) in the face of political rhetoric.