“For God’s sake”- Review


“For God’s Sake” is a play that stands out for its unique and creative concept. Written and Directed by Sangeeta Nambiar, it is a captivating and imaginative production that immerses the audience in the realm of Gods. The set design deserves an applause, with the stage adorned with heavenly clouds and a bar counter for the alchemist, adding to the play’s magical ambience.

The play’s plot is unique and intriguing, focusing on the conversations of the newly appointed gods with the chief gods & the alchemist who brews concoctions as prescribed by the gods. The idea of gods being able to intervene in mid of the conversations between humans and change their course of conversation is a fascinating one, and the play manages to execute it well. The dialogues touched upon various human emotions, and the satire effectively mocks many of the meaninglessness of human behaviours and show-offs.

The plot takes a while to build up, and the exposition-heavy initial scenes might put off some viewers. It gets in to track as the show progressed and developed into an impressive play.

The actors, despite being mostly first-timers, deliver impressive performances. It was great to watch each of them delivering their lines with conviction and passion. Abel Lim, Nidhi Khanna, Neeraj Sujanani, Geeta Balagangadharan, Diana Joshi, Alvina Imam, Sumana Mallick, Sonal Sharma and Ankur Gupta showcase their acting skills in their roles as the gods or newly appointed gods and humans. They bring their characters to life, conveying the emotions and experiences of each with great ease. The pacing of the play is steady, and the blocking is well done, with the actors moving in sync with each other, creating a cohesive production. The effective use of props added an extra layer of realism to the play’s world.

In short, “For God’s Sake” is a play that transports the audience to a surreal world discussing petty human lives with a comedic twist. The set design, acting, script, and use of satire all come together to create a unique experience, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who watches it.