Indian Performing Arts Convention – Singapore 2023  by Apsaras Arts Dance Company to inspire Indian classical arts practitioners 


Singapore: The Indian Performing Arts Convention is presented annually by Apsaras Arts Dance  Company in Singapore and Australia, since 2012, to inspire practicing artistes of Indian  classical music and dance in Asia Pacific. The convention includes Master Classes, Workshops, Lecture Demonstrations, Performances, Residencies, Choreographer and Composer Labs, Book Launches, Exhibitions, Film Screenings and Symposiums, curated and convened by  Aravinth Kumarasamy, recipient of the Singapore’s Cultural Medallion Award (2022),  Artistic Director of Apsaras Arts Dance Company. 

This year, IPAC 2023 is back bigger and stronger with unique programming targeting  practitioners, teachers and students of Indian dance and music, researchers, scholars,  composers and choreographers, and arts enthusiasts. 

IPAC 2023 Singapore is curated by Apsaras Arts Dance Company (Singapore) and presented  in collaboration with Esplanade Theatres on the Bay (Singapore). 

IPAC 2023 Singapore will feature: 

1. Masterclasses in Bharatanatyam, and Carnatic Music. 

2. Lecture demonstrations by experts, scholars, and leading practitioners in dance  and music 

3. Performance Showcases by international artists presenting concerts in  Bharatanatyam, Kudiattam and Mohiniattam, and Carnatic Music 

4. Participants of the Masterclasses will have an opportunity to perform at the  IPAC2023 Singapore celebratory concert performance. 

Participants registering for the full IPAC2023 Singapore program as a DELEGATE will get  access to specific sessions of the Masterclasses and complimentary access to the Lecture  Demonstration sessions. 

Details of Master Classes  

Carnatic Violin Master Classes 

Foundation – 10th to 11th June (AM) 

Advance – 10th to 11th June (PM) 

Bharatanatyam Masterclasses 

Kids Dance Immersion – 17th to 18th June (AM) 

Foundation – 18th June (am), 19th to 20th June (PM) 

Intermediate – 17th to 23rd June ( Full day) 

Advance – 17th to 23rd June ( Full day) 

Teachers’ Training – 19th to 20th June (Full day) and 21st June (AM) 

Details of Workshops and Lecture Demonstrations 

Workshop 1: Finding the Poetry in Nritta by Shankar Kandasamy 

Saturday, 17th June 2023 4PM to 6PM 

Talk 1: Nataraja and Cosmos by Dr V.R Devika 

Sunday, 18th June 2023 5PM to 6PM 

Lec Dem 2: Colors of Music by Embaar Kannan 

Monday, 19th June 2023 4PM to 5PM 

Lec Dem 3: Thyagaraja Ramayanam by Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant 

Monday, 19th June 2023 5PM to 6PM 

Lec Dem 4: Kshetra specific Sancharis for Traditional Varnams by Rama Vaidyanathan Tuesday, 20th June 2023 4PM to 5PM 

Lec Dem 5: Nintha Sthuthi by Mohanapriyan Thavarajah 

Tuesday, 20th June 2023 5PM to 6PM 

Lec Dem 6: Movement and their Meanings by Ramaa Bharadvaj 

Wednesday, 21st June 2023 4PM to 5PM 

Lec Dem 7: Madana Vilasam- Cupid’s play by Bragha Bessel 

Wednesday, 21st June 2023 5PM to 6PM 

Workshop 2: Bhava Rasa by Kapila Venu 

Thursday, 22nd June 2023 4PM to 6PM 

Talk 2: Dance found Rukmini Devi Arundale by Dr V.R Devika 

Friday, 23rd June 2023 4PM to 5PM 

Talk 3: Kamala- The Fragrance of a Legend by Ramaa Bharadvaj 

Friday, 23rd June 2023 5PM to 6PM 

Lec Dem 8: Enchanting the Enchantress by Dr. Methil Devika 

Saturday, 24th June 2023 10AM to 11AM 

Performance: Tarkka Paatu : A witty discourse on Tamil Folk poetry by Ramaa Bharadvaj Saturday, 24th June 2023 11.30am to 12.45pm 

Details of Lunch Time Talks  

Lunch Time Talk 1 

For The Love of Dance – Book publication by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy  A conversation with Ms Thava Rani Mohan, on their recent book publication on the life of  Singapore’s Dance Pioneers Mr K.P Bhaskar and Mrs Santha Bhaskar.  Monday 19th June 1:30PM 

Lunch Time Talk 2 

Dance of divine through my lens by Suresh Easwaran 

Singapore’s photographer shares an illustrated talk on his journey in capturing the Gulikan,  Kandanarkelan, Pottan, Muthappan and Kodoth chamundi traditions of Theyyam dance  rituals across north Kerala. Wednesday 21st June 1:30PM  

Tickets for IPAC Masterclass, Workshops and lecture demonstrations are available at :

Details of Showcase Performances 

Showcase 1 

Strings of Gold 

Indian Performing Arts Convention 2023, in collaboration with Apsaras Arts Dance Company 

IPAC Violin and Mridangam delegates (India and Singapore) on 17 Jun 2023, Sat, 8PM 

Acclaimed violinist Embar S Kannan conducts an ensemble of Carnatic violins to bring the  music of great composers to the stage. Intertwined with melodic interludes, harmonies  embellishing compositions and pieces, this concert features young and up-and-coming  violinists and percussionists with music arranged and orchestrated by Embar S Kannan. 

Violin delegates include Sreeranjani Muthusubramanian, Vedagnya Narasimha, Laya  Mahesh and Shiv Darshan Suresh. Percussion delegates include Pranav Swaminathan and  Siddhanth Anand. 

Tickets: Strings of Gold by IPAC Violin and Mridangam delegates

Showcase 2 

Samavaya – A Euphonic Co-existence 

Indian Performing Arts Convention 2023, In collaboration with Apsaras Arts Dance Company 

The NP Collective (Singapore) on 18 Jun 2023, Sun, 8PM 

Experience the magic of Samavaya in one unforgettable night of music! Led by award winning composer and flautist Niranjan Pandian, The NP Collective will showcase a range of  original compositions that masterfully marries the Carnatic music with the sounds of jazz,  blues, funk and pop, highlighting the unique fusion of these diverse genres. Be prepared to  be utterly entranced by intricate rhythms and captivating melodies inspired by ragas. 

This performance is part of the IPAC Music Residency Programme, mentored by legendary  musician U Rajesh. This programme is supported by Arte Compass.

Tickets: Samavaya: A Euphonic Co-existence by The NP Collective (Singapore)

Showcase 3 

Mahishasuravadham – The slaying of Mahishasura 

Indian Performing Arts Convention 2023, in collaboration with Apsaras Arts Dance Company 

By Kapila Venu with Kalamandalam Rajeev, Kalamandalam Hariharan and Kalanilayam  Unnikrishnan (India) on 23 Jun 2023, Fri, 8PM 

Inspired by Devi Mahatmyam and Devi Bhagavatham, this performance rendered through  koodiyattam—one of the oldest living theatre traditions of the world from Kerala, India— tells the classic tale of the slaying of Mahishasura by the goddess Devi. 

Once a young man, Mahishasura was offered a boon by the divine Brahma upon the completion of his penance, lasting over ten thousand years. He asked to be immortal but was instead granted invulnerability against any man or male species who tried to kill him. As such, Brahma blessed Mahisahsura with death at the hands of a woman. 

Having been granted his wish, Mahishasura became very powerful and conquered lands  great and far, until there was none left to take over. He set his eyes out on claiming heaven,  engaging the gods in a battle. However, due to his blessing, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and Indra  were all no match for him. They fled, finding refuge in the mountains to think of a solution  to this problem. 

The gods gathered their collective energy to create a massive light, from which the most  resplendent and powerful devi emerged on a ferocious lion, with eighteen arms all wielding  different weapons. She created fear in the heart of the asuras and awe in the heart of the  gods, and set out towards the battlefield blowing her conch. 

Provoked by the sound, Mahishasura sought Devi out and immediately fell in love with her  beauty. He sets out to the battlefield in disguise, and is struck by the arrows of Kama, the  god of love. He made a marriage proposal to Devi, followed by a threat: either marry him or  face a battle. 

His words infuriated Devi, who immediately set out to battle with Mahishasura. Devi drank  over and over from her chalice of wine and when drunken, beheaded Mahishasura. Thus,  Devi restored balance in the world and restored heaven back to the gods. This programme is supported by Mudra Cultural Society, Singapore.

Tickets: Mahishasuravadham – The slaying of Mahishasura (India)

Showcase 4 

Skanda Rasam 

Indian Performing Arts Convention 2023, in collaboration with Apsaras Arts Dance Company Mohanapriyan Thavarajah (Singapore) on 24 Jun 2023, Sat, 8PM 

Mentored by IPAC Residency faculty Priyadarsini Govind, Mohanapriyan Thavarajah  presents a thematic bharatanatyam performance, “Skanda Rasam,” featuring compositions about the divine Murugan. 

This multi-faceted showcase features five segments: an alarippu based on the dance of the  peacock, a varnam based on the epic stories of Murugan, the work Skanda Rasam, which  explores the six rasas through the six faces of Murugan, completed with a virutham and  followed by Lalgudi G Jayaraman’s thillana composition. 

Music composition by Dr Rajkunar Bharathi and recording performed by G Shrikanth  (vocals), Sheejith Krishna (nattuvangam), Embar Kannan (violin) and Sruti Sagar (flute),  sound design and recording by Sai Sharavanam. 

Tickets : Skanda Rasam by Mohanapriyan Thavarajah (Singapore)

Showcase 5 


Indian Performing Arts Convention 2023, in collaboration with Apsaras Arts Dance Company Dr Methil Devika (India) on 25 Jun 2023, Sun, 8PM 

Originating in Kerala, India, mohiniyattam is a classical Indian dance form named after  Mohini, a famous female avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. In Anaavaran, Dr. Methil Devika presents dance sequences that range from abstract to representational, with familiar and  esoteric approaches. 

Beginning from traditional mnemonic verses and moving through to local lore and cosmic symbols culminating in sutras, this showcase features a select few of her works from her  myriad original performance creations in mohiniyattam. This programme is supported by Mudra Cultural Society, Singapore. 

Tickets: Anaavaran by Dr Methil Devika (India)