Malayalam film ‘Super Sharanya’ to hit Singapore Screens from 21st January


Malayalam film ‘Super Sharanya’ has no famous actors, but it still strikes big in India, to hit Singapore screens from 21st January. Team behind the 2019 hit ‘Thaneer Mathan Dinangal’ unite for ‘Super Sharanya’ a youthful drama.

‘Thaneer Mathan Dinangal’ director Girish AD has swung back into action with his second feature ‘Super Sharanya’ and he hasn’t strayed far from the template of his first successful film.

Instead of a story set against a hormone-driven and emotional high school, ‘Super Sharanya’ takes you into an engineering college campus in Kerala and its group of female students.

The title role is played by Anaswara Rajan, who also featured in a prominent role in his debut blockbuster. She’s become a staple of sorts in Girish’s projects.

“Sharanya is a shy and introverted girl. She’s emotional and doesn’t know how she would react in many situations. The movie charts her change in personality, the problems that she encounters at a crucial phase during her engineering college days and the changes in her personality and life. It’s a fun entertainer,” said Rajan in a separate interview.

‘Super Sharanya’ releasing in Singapore on 21st January at Carnival Golden Mile and selected screens of Cathay Cineplexes

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