Movie Review: Mumbai Police-A brilliant thriller


Some inexplicable moments takes place on the screen, that define the utmost sincerity from the crew of Malayalam movie "Mumbai Police", which pass the vibrant sensation with its narration. Genuine and precise effort from the director Rosshan Andrrews and scriptwriter Bobby and Sanjay to fill up the surprising element through out this film. True to life sequences in the script develop the curiosity in a sensible way….

The film speaks out the murder mystery began with the accident of ACP Antony Moses (Prithviraj), but before this accident he was investigating the murder of his best friend and Asst. Commissioner of police Aryan Jacob (Jayasurya), who was shot dead. With the join effort of Commissioner Farhan Aman (Rahman), Antony 
Moses began the search of criminal and sort of reach the edge to nab the culprit, while the fate has different destiny, which led to accident of Antony Moses.

 With this accident, Antony lost his intellectual capacity and the whole case of murder turns to jeopardy. Unfortunately, Antony has to restart again from the beginning to solve the case, which has been assisted by the team. With this he recollects the events, which lands him in a state of  being bewildered, which often irritate his assistant Rakhi Menon (Aparna Nair). Now the suspense prevails till the climax and you have to watch it for further thrilling experience.

Scenarist Bobby and Sanjay have taken the calculated risk in eccentric way, anyway works out the script in a dedication to explore the every possible thrilling experience. The narration is too good and you have to say that Rosshan Andrrews is back, where he maintained the anxious uncertainty throughout the film. Direction of photography is another aspect of this film, which needs to be mentioned, G Diwakar made the scenes an appealing one.

Prithviraj's choice of character put on the anticipation to know more, whether it is Antony Moses A or B, he excelled the character in a way that too put a question, whether it is Prithvi's decision to go ahead with this character. Jayasurya, Rahman, Aparna Nair, Hima Davis, Shwetha Menon, Harish, Kunjan, Maria Roy and others have supported their characters in a fine way. Another thrilling score by Gopi Sundar, especially BGM. For the banner of Nisad Haneefa Productions, Nisad Haneefa is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Mumbai Police".

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Genre: Action, Thriller

Director: Rosshan Andrrews

Lead Actor: Hima Davis, Jayasurya, Prithviraj, Rahman

Composer: Gopi Sunder

Release Date: May 03rd, 2013

Producer: Nisad Haneefa

Banner: Central Pictures

Other Actors: Mariya Roy, Shweta Menon, Kunjan, Harish

What We Liked:

Story, Narration, Performance, Suspense

What We Disliked:


At The End

Definitely Mumbai Police stand out from the rest, you need to sit and watch whether you are going to accept the experiments what Mumabi Police brings in. And it is your call whether you can think differently than the usual formulaic story. At the end a strikingly different story, well executed and acted.