Must Watch: KALKI- Malayalam Social Thriller Short Film


KALKI – short film, is a social thriller that strongly protests against the court judgements on, Soumya rape case and other atrocities against women including murder, rape and other harassment’s. The culprits either go scot free or are given only a milder punishment. In Kerala’s Soumya rape case, Supreme Court had scrapped the convict Govindachamy’s death penalty, which was earlier awarded by the lower court. Directed by Harish Mohan and produced by Rabin Ranji, KALKI has already started getting much attention.

The story develops through another rape victims father, who sees the news of Govindachamy’s death sentence being scrapped with much shock and dismay. KALKI reminds us of the fact that, if judiciary the last hope of the common man becomes a dead pan, public might take the law in their own hands.

Veteran Malayalam actor Indrans, Vineeth Mohan of Adi Kapyare koottamani fame and Rabin Ranji play’s the central characters in the movie.

Rabin Ranji has produced the movie under the banner of Ranji Brothers. DOP – Reji Prasaad; Editing & Coloring – Pradeep Shankar; Story and Screenplay – Hari Rajan and Harish Mohan; Music, Vocals and Background Score – PS Jayhari; Art – Shahi Hussain; Lyrics – Prasanth Chinmayan; Stills – Dhilshath Rizwan; Posters – Vinod Kumar V K; Makeup – Shaji Shajipu; Associate Director – Syam Prem; Effects – Shabu DTS; Mixing – Vipin Nair (Aries Vismaya Max); Song Recording – Chandrasekhar Ramesh Dhwani wave station; Song Mixing – Krishna Sadasivan; SS Digital Spot Editor – Vishnu Venkitesh