Kathakali Utsav Singapore featuring Padma Shri Kalamandalam Gopi – the unquestioned king of Indian Classical Theatre Kathakali – The magnificent Indian traditional and classical theatre art form from Kerala will be performed on Feb 3 & 4 2018 at its highest quality by the most popular and professional artistes from Kerala India led by Padma shri Kalamandalam Gopi at Marine Parade CC Theatrette . The duration of the performance is 2.5 hours each day evening without intermission and expected to attract art lovers in Singapore irrespective of the community they belong to. This event is a perfect fit to the traditional performing art scene in Singapore during the Chinese New Year period 2018 .

The two stories, ‘Karnasapadham’ and ‘Dhuryodhanavadham’ from the Hindu epic Mahabharata will be performed. The scene by scene description of the performance will be shown live to ensure audience are able to understand and appreciate Kathakali performance to its fullest state.

‘Karnasapadham’ – An emotional showdown on the eve of the Great Mahabharata War — Kunti reveals to Karna the truth about his parentage and tries in vain to sway him to defect to the Pandava camp.

‘Duryodhanavadham’ – Lord Krishna’s mediation fails and war breaks out between the Kauravas and Pandavas. The mighty Bheema keeps his promise to Panchali and sends the wicked Dushasana to a gory end.

Kathakali,is one of the most impressive Indian classical dance forms. Rooted in a rich 400-year heritage, Kathakali is Kerala’s gift to the sphere of performing arts. This classical theatre from Kerala, like other Indian dance forms, makes use of an elaborate vocabulary of hand gestures or mudras, intricate footwork and aesthetic facial expressions, backed by robust percussion and vocals. But it stands out from other dance forms with its intricate facial makeup, colourful costumes and elements of martial arts in its pure dance sequences.

Padma Shri Kalamandalam Gopi, 80 years old is the most popular and favoured Kathakali actor in Kerala currently. He is often referred to by his fans as “Gopi Aasaan”. He played a crucial role in popularising Kathakali as an art form globally. His name became synonymous as the ever green hero of Kathakali. He excels in hero  characters utilizing his height, facial features, expressive eyes, and impromoptu actions. He also gives importance to the postures of characters. His ‘sringara’ rasa is of high quality and crosses the limits of abhinaya in the intensity of expressions. The recipient of innumerable honours, including India’s fourth highest civilian award Padma Shri, Gopi Asaan has been performing for over six and half decades. What makes him stand out from the masters of yore as well as his contemporaries is that he is the popular choice of both the kathakali aficionado and the layman.

Along with Gopi Aasan , the most popular and professional Kathakali performers and musicians are lined up for the exquisite performance at Siglap South Auditorium . The total synchronisation of the highly skilled performers, vocalists and the percussionists will make a memorable and captivating Kathakali performance for the arts lovers in Singapore ,

Actors: Padma Shri Kalamandalam Gopi, Margi Vijayakumar, Dr Ettumanoor Kannan,  Kalamandalam Shanmughan, Kalamandalam Neeraj ,  Kalamandalam Vipin , Vinaya Menon (Singapore )

Vocals: Pathiyoor Sankarankutty and Kalamandalam Krishnakumar

Percussion: Kalamandalam Krishnadas on chenda and Kalanilayam Manoj on maddalam

Make-up: Eroor Manoj, Kalanilayam Saji and Panmana Arun

Costumes: Sri Bhavaneeswari Kathakaliyogam, Error , Kerala

Mudra Cultural Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation registered in Singapore in 2010 to promote India’s classical and traditional art forms in its purest styles as well as improve awareness and understanding among art lovers in Singapore. This two day event is supported by Siglap South CC IAEC and Indian High Commission Office Singapore. More information about this event can be found at http://mudrasociety.org/kathakali/