Pularum Iniyum Naalekal at International Film Festival of Thrissur 2017


“Pularum Iniyum Naalekal” / “There’s Always Tomorrow” is a bilingual in South Indian language Malayalam and English, entirely shot in UAE and is written, directed and produced by Shilpa Krishnan Shukla who is also a full-time marketing director and a mom. This is her second feature film.

Pularum Iniyum Naalekal is a self funded independent film, shot over the span of a week by a 5-member team that included the cast and crew. The bulk of the post production was done virtually across Singapore, India and UAE.

Despite its humble making, Pularum Iniyum Naalekal has been selected in 25 international film festivals worldwide and won 4 awards. Key members of the cast and crew of the film are originally from Thrissur in Kerala. This includes writerdirector Shilpa Krishnan Shukla, editor-cinematographer Mathew Jenif Joseph, male lead Balaraman Kunduvara and cameraman Nitheesh. After its Indian premier at International Female Film Festival of Kerala in 2016, the film also played at the Delhi International Film Festival, the Guwahati International Film Festival and is scheduled to screen at the Panchajanyam International Film Festival in Palakkad, The Brussels Female Film Festival in Belgium and the Bhubhaneshwar Golden Triangle International Film Fesitval in Odisha.

Pularum Iniyum Naalekal will be brought to the hometown of its makers, Thrissur, at the International Film Festival of Thrissur 2017. Several members of the cast and crew will be representing the film at IFFT’2017. The team will also give a workshop on low budget film making as part of the film festival.


Shilpa Krishnan Shukla – writer, director, producer

Mathew Jenif Joseph – cinematographer, editor, producer

Jyoti Chetia – sound editor & sound designer

Balaraman Kunduvara – lead male

Gayathri Gopal – lead female

For more details, please contact : Shilpa Krishnan Shukla : [email protected]

Mathew Jenif Joseph : +919167575577 : [email protected]