Singapore Kairalee Kala Nilayam (SKKN) Announces New Committee Members


Singapore: – Singapore Kairalee Kala Nilayam (SKKN), one of the renowned cultural organization dedicated to promoting Indian culture and fine arts in Singapore since 1956, is pleased to announce the selection of its new committee members. The organization aims to continue its commitment to fostering cultural harmony and artistic excellence within the local community.

The newly elected committee members bring a wealth of experience, passion, and dedication to their respective roles. The SKKN committee for 2023 comprises the following individuals:

  • Gangadharan Kunnon – President
  • Rajith Mohan – Hon. General Secretary
  • Manoj ABS – Hon. Treasurer
  • Ragesh Kumar – Cultural Secretary
  • Balaji GS – Vice President
  • Jayaram Nair – Vice President
  • Shanish KP – Hon. Assistant Secretary
  • Sudheeran D – Advisor
  • Rajesh Kumar – Advisor
  • Subhash – Advisor

Executive Committee members:

  • Gineesh
  • Krishna Lal
  • Binoop Nair
  • Sujith KC
  • Balan Anil Kumar
  • Vivek Viswanath
  • Naveen
  • Ronia Godwin
  • Shibolin Gangadharan
  • Gautham JP
  • Divya Balaji
  • Keerthivas Patteri

The new committee members bring a diverse range of expertise and a shared passion for Indian culture and fine arts. They are committed to upholding SKKN’s mission of promoting cultural heritage and fostering a sense of unity in the multi-racial society of Singapore.

“We are delighted to welcome our newly elected committee members to SKKN. Their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm will be invaluable in driving our organization forward and ensuring the continued success of our cultural initiatives,” said Gangadharan Kunnon, the newly elected President of SKKN.

As SKKN enters this new chapter, the organization remains committed to organizing cultural events, facilitating artistic collaborations, and nurturing talent in the local Indian community. SKKN invites individuals of all backgrounds to join them in their upcoming endeavors and experience the richness of Indian culture in Singapore.

About Singapore Kairalee Kala Nilayam (SKKN):

Established in 1956, Singapore Kairalee Kala Nilayam (SKKN) is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to promoting Indian culture and fine arts in Singapore. SKKN organizes a wide range of cultural events, stage productions, film screenings, and collaborations to showcase the diversity and richness of Indian heritage. The organization strives to foster cultural harmony and engage the community through artistic expressions. For more information, please visit