Fresh Update: Singaporeans Gear Up for 2023 Presidential Election

(Left to right) Ng Kok Song, Tharman Shanmugaratnam and Tan Kin Lian

Singapore, September 1, 2023 – The vibrant city-state of Singapore is abuzz with anticipation as its citizens prepare to exercise their democratic right in the upcoming Presidential Election on September 1. With a slate of distinguished candidates, technological advancements, and important procedural notes, here’s everything you need to know for this momentous event.

Candidates with Visions: A Trio to Choose From

The nation’s ninth president will be chosen from a trio of accomplished contenders. The former GIC chief investment officer, Ng Kok Song, renowned for his financial acumen; the distinguished former Senior Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, known for his seasoned leadership; and the former NTUC Income chief executive, Tan Kin Lian, bringing his insights from the financial sector. Citizens are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to cast their vote in favor of the candidate whose vision resonates most with them.

Digital Convenience: Your ePoll Card Awaits

Leading the way in digital innovation, Singapore introduces an ePoll card accessible through the Singpass mobile app. As an alternative to physical cards, the ePoll card eliminates the need for manual handling and ensures a seamless voting experience. Eligible voters can expect their ePoll cards to arrive in their mailboxes this week, making the voting process more efficient than ever.

Mandatory Civic Duty: Voting is a Must

Voting is not just a right but a civic duty for all eligible citizens in Singapore. The Elections Department (ELD) emphasizes the importance of participating in the democratic process, highlighting that it’s citizens’ fundamental right and responsibility to choose their leaders.

A Day to Mark: Polling Day is a Public Holiday

Mark your calendars – Polling Day is an official public holiday. This thoughtful move allows all Singaporeans the time to exercise their right to vote without interference from their work commitments. Employers are required to provide their employees with a reasonable window between 8 am and 8 pm to cast their votes.

Remember Your Essentials: NRIC and Poll Card

On the big day, remember to leave home equipped with your NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) and poll card. For uniformed personnel, an identity card issued by the Ministry of Defence, Singapore Police Force, or Singapore Civil Defence Force, or a valid passport will suffice as identification.

Logistics and Timelines

Your poll card, which will be dispatched to your latest registered residential address by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), should reach you within two to three working days after Nomination Day. Alternatively, the tech-savvy can turn to the Singpass app, using it to access both their digital IC and ePoll card for a smooth and paperless experience.

As Singaporeans gear up to fulfill their civic duty, the nation eagerly anticipates the election’s outcome, ready to welcome its ninth president. The blend of technology, civic responsibility, and visionary candidates is set to shape the country’s future in profound ways. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage as Singapore embraces this democratic milestone.