Suchitthra Vasu is an accomplished lawyer /writer/author/novelist and Indian paintings visual artist. She went to law school in London did her masters in law in Melbourne at the prestigious Monash University . She is recognized on an International level as  author for several books and is an award winning writer.She also spent a brief period in College of Journalism in London and in Singapore after retiring from legal work, she went to art school at Strokes Arts Pte Ltd .She was a pupil of Ms Kumuda  Krovvide and amassed a plethora of skills in painting Indian art.

Suchitthra as the name denotes which is” beautiful paintings “, specializes  in LOTUS PAINTINGS  and there is  hidden spiritual wisdom in each on the canvas. The history of painting is a never-ending chain that began with the very first pictures ever made. Each style grows out of the styles that came before it. Every great artist adds to the accomplishments of earlier painters and influences later painters


The lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is an ancient and polyvalent symbol in Asian culture. Hindus revere it with the gods Vishnu, Brahma and to a lesser degree Kubera, and the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati. Often used as an example of divine beauty and purity, Vishnu is often described as the “Lotus-Eyed One”In Hinduism, the sacred lotus represents prosperity, beauty, purity and fertility. It represents eternity, divinity and life. Humans should seek to be like lotuses by standing on their own when in search for liberation (moksha). They should look to stand without attachment, dedicating their actions to God and not being distracted by the materialism around them (represented by the mud and water

The Lotus is considered as a sacred flower in Buddhism. It speaks the language of love beauty, enlightenment and spiritual awakening. In Buddhism, the blooming lotus flower signifies different levels of enlightenment relative to how open a lotus is. A closed bud represents a time before enlightenment while a fully open lotus represents a time of enlightenment. A partly opened lotus with the middle hidden,A means that   enlightenment is far out of sight for anyone to reach at the given time.

The Lotus blossoms from the muddy pool. It detaches itself from the mud and stands on a sturdy green stem a beautiful eight petal blossom that looks up to sunshine for enlightenment .In Sanskrit and Tibetan a lotus is known as “ Padma.”

The pattern of the growth of the lotus signifies the progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism through the waters of experience and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment.  Though other water plants   bloom  above the water it is only the lotus which owning to the strength of its stem regularly rises eight to twelve inches above the surface. The strength of the stem is significant of one’s strength of character to detach from the muddy waters and blossom fully absorbing the rays of sunshine.

According to yet another scholar, Lalitavistara, the spirit of the best man is spotless, like the Lotus in the muddy water which does not adhere to it”

According to yet another scholar in esoteric Buddhism , the heart of the being is like an opened Lotus when the virtues of the Buddha develop therein the Lotus blossoms that is why the Buddha sits on  a Lotus  Blossom

The eight petals is also symbolic of the basic Buddhist teachings of the eight fold path.

What each colour represents

White Lotus- The quality of mental purity ( Bodhi)

Pink Lotus- this is the supreme lotus generally reserved for the highest deity.It is associated with the Great Buddha himself

Red Lotus- This  is the purity of the heart- the lotus of love, compassion, passion and other qualities of the heart.

 Blue Lotus- The Symbol of Victory of the spirit over the senses- it signifies wisdom of knowledge- the bodhisattva of wisdom.

Suchitthra has embarked on a new journey of complete optimism after a spell of a dark period in her life. Loss  of loved ones namely both her beloved  parents all within a year left her desolate, lost  and grappling with pain and anguish. She has picked up the pieces now and moves with the flow of life to harness the glories of divinity by giving expression to love and beauty from her soul as she puts brush to canvas and makes her strokes colorful. joyous and resplendent again. This sweet tonic emanates and spreads to viewers and collectors of her enchanting artistic creations. This is indeed a heavenly tonic of all joy  and all loveliness

She adds, “ Art has a profound way of uplifting you from despondency bringing comfort to the wounded soul. It livens lightens and alleviates the spirit to march on with courage, boldness   and brings a magic of brightness that eventuates in happy emotions. “.From doom and gloom  you will see full bloom that is for sure for every grey cloud has a silver lining .


Your thoughts are echoed back by the universe. There is meaning in the old wives tales that pregnant women should look at beautiful paintings to give birth to happy beautiful children. Your elevated moods create a happy destiny and paintings can uplift your spirit

Deep within a very spiritual person, she is determined to find her purpose through art and add color to her life as well as to brighten up with color the collectors of her paintings. When you vibrate with positive happy emotions you transfer that to your canvas and your collector will absorb and assimilate the same joy strength and color from it. Her paintings are bright and  radiant with the colors of the rainbow and the rainbow is the natural creation of color by Divinity.

Her journey with art runs in her jugular vein as she was a great admirer of her Uncle, Major Damodaran who was a talented artist in Kerala and a great proportion of her youth was spent with him journeying  to Chola Mandal the artist colony in the  outskirts of Chennai .Here, she spent time watching eminent artists and sculptors at work. She has been an avid follower of Indian art  with a deep down desire to master the skill.  She also journeyed to many reputable art galleries in Europe when she worked with Bernadette Rankine the once owner of Gallerie Dauphin and it was a deeply enriching experience

To be a good artist you need to be at peace with Divinity then only your talent will see bountiful harvest. You need to grow with Divinity let the creative juices come out and each piece you do will be unique. You have to be mistress of your canvas just as a good writer is mistress of her pen both skills are a gift from the higher forces which you must receive with grace .She is starting her journey by offering her paintings to Divinity at the Ramakrishna Mission and Kong Meng San Monastery entirely free of charge so that proceeds of the sale can be channeled for the upkeep of the temple and to serve humanitarian causes.

 Art is to bring happiness  bring a joyful visual impact that can create magical vibrations to the home or office when it is hung on the wall. It brightens and radiates you ,your outlook and that will echo back into your life A good painting on the wall will calm  you give forceful thought waves to harness a positive life style vibrating with love, peace, joy and splendor. This is what Suchitthra Vasu intends to impart to all her collectors and  a painting can be commissioned for as low as $100 each as she is in it for the love and passion and not the money.

.Happiness is knocking on your door with a good painting hanging on  the wall  of your sanctuary which you call home sweet home or your office where work is worship.

You can call Suchitthra Vasu on 82616349 or Whataspp her on 85245165 to commission her.She specializes in Lotus paintings the flower of spiritual awakening   Contemporary style