Randeep Rai,commonly known as Salman khan of Indian Television has created new sensation among Indian youth nowadays. Randeep is born and brought up in Jhansi, UttarPradesh. The passion for acting was inborn and it grew with his age. He followed Salman Khan’s hair-style in school days and even got reprimanded by teachers.But that scolding couldn’t change his love for acting.

 This Angelface entered in the industry in 2013 after graduating from well reputed MIT (Pune) college. His first TV commercial was Phillips Kerashine Straightener, followed by I Ball Adi Udaan Mobile, where he shared the screen with Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan. There was no looking back for him after it. He has done more than 120 TV commercials till date with leading Bollywood actor like Ranveer Singh and actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Disha Patani. Even in small advertisement, he did marvelous acting and stood out different in mob.

He started acting career in 2014 by playing role of Kabir Scindia in TV serial OGujaria:Badlein Chal Dunia that aired in Channel V. Along with many other serials in different channels,he also acted in other famous TV serial Diya Aur Baati Hum in 2016.

The TV series which gave maximum recognition and fan following to Randeep is “Yeh UnDinoki Baat Hai”, produced by “Shashi Sumeet Productions” which is currently airing on Sony TV. At the age of 24,he portrayed the character of 17year old school going “Sameer Maheshwari”. He indeed put his heart and soul into this character, he actually lost 11kg weight for this role. The school romance has always been appealing to masses and this story brought back the nostalgia of 1990.This serial is also aired on Polymer TV in Tamilnadu as‘Ninaithale Inikkum’ which is highly appreciated by all viewers.

Randeep Rai, rising star of Bollywood

He can express oceans of emotions through his most expressive beautiful eyes. His captivating screen presence and enchanting charm won millions of hearts in India and abroad. His fan gave him the very unique title “The King of Hearts”and “Angelface’’, which indeed he is.

Recently he celebrated his 25th birthday and he received more than 50 cakes and hundreds of gifts and bouquets from all over the globe. Randeep always been humble and polite with his fans. He treats his fans are family and friends. He even shares his concerns with them though social media, which gives the feeling of ‘being connected’ to him.

Randeep always strive for excellence in all the tasks he does,his craving for success never ends.”Struggle keeps you on on your toes and while the situations might change, it exists at every level. No one is completely satisfied, perhaps not even Shah Rukh khan” he quoted while talking to Hindustan Times on 16th July 18.

After conquering the TV, the chocolate boy is stepping into Bollywood with the movie ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’ with co-actor Sanah Kapoor directed by Abhishek Saxenain 2018.We wish him very best luck and hope he will surely get great success in new field as well.

Composed by : Kits