Upcoming Onam Extravaganza ‘Onam’23’ to Showcase Rich Cultural Festivities


SINGAPORE — In a celebration of unity and cultural diversity, the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club in collaboration with the Indian Cultural Association Singapore is gearing up to present ‘Onam’23’, an extraordinary event to mark the traditional South Indian festival of Onam. Set to take place on September 17, 2023, the event promises a day filled with vibrant cultural performances, delectable cuisine, and engaging activities.

The organizers have left no stone unturned to make ‘Onam’23’ a truly memorable occasion. The festivities are scheduled to kick off at 10:30 AM and continue until 5:00 PM at the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club’s Multi-purpose Hall. Renowned community leader Ms. Poh Li San, Grassroots Adviser to Sembawang West Grassroots Organizations (GROs), will grace the occasion as the Guest of Honor.

One of the event’s key highlights is the sumptuous Onam Sadya, a traditional multi-course vegetarian meal served on banana leaves. Attendees will have the opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of South Indian cuisine while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow attendees.

Cultural enthusiasts are in for a treat as local residents prepare to showcase their talents through a captivating cultural program. With performances ranging from classical dances to melodious musical renditions, the event aims to celebrate the rich artistic heritage of India.

For those seeking a bit of friendly competition, a variety of traditional games will be available to participate in. These games promise to evoke a sense of nostalgia while fostering a spirit of togetherness among participants of all ages.

Adding an extra layer of excitement to the event, a Lucky Draw has been organized with enticing prizes up for grabs. This element is sure to keep attendees engaged and excited throughout the festivities.

‘Onam’23’ is not just an event; it is a celebration of cultural diversity, community spirit, and the shared values that bind Singapore’s multicultural tapestry together. The organizers invite everyone to come together and join in the revelry, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

As the anticipation for ‘Onam’23’ builds, participants and attendees are encouraged to mark their calendars for September 17, 2023, and head to the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club to partake in a day of joy, togetherness, and cultural splendor.

Book your tickets now – scan the QR code below or hop on to the link to register!
Visit https://indiasg.com/Onam2023.php

Contact Mr. Santhosh at wa.me/6591824190 for any queries.


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