Asian Literary Society Organised ALS CARAVAN 2023 SINGAPORE.


Asian Literary Society organised its ALS CARAVAN 2023 SINGAPORE at the Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore, on 12th February to promote Singapore’s rich multicultural heritage and diversity.

Asian Literary Society (ALS) Founder Manoj Krishnan outlined the mission of the community to promote literature, art, and indigenous languages of Asian countries and enhance cross-cultural understanding of people from the continent. Alka Balain, ALS Chapter Head, Singapore, spearheaded providing a global platform to Asian writers and artists. The focus was to create an all-inclusive community giving equal opportunities to all, both in India & Singapore.

Dr Namita Mehta, an exponent of Hindustani classical music, blessed the occasion with a Saraswati Vandana. Distinguished Guests Vidhya Gouresan Nair (Research & Curatorial Director at The Gallery of Gnani Arts), P Gnana (Painter & Sculptor), Fuad Johari (Civil Servant), Anurita Kher (Regional Head, AdSales and Marketing, Asia Pacific, Colors TV @ Viacom18), Madhu Suri (President Indian Women’s Association) graced the occasion with their august presence.

As UNESCO earmarks the decade as the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, Kevin Martens Wong, Director, Kodrah Kristang, shared the initiatives to revitalise Kristang, one of the endangered languages of Singapore.

A Panel Discussion on “Greater Awareness of the Importance of Linguistic Diversity and Multilingualism, and Their Contribution to Self-empowerment and Societal Development.” was organised. Panellists Eric Tinsay Valles, Stephanie Chan, Daryl Lim Wei Jie, Manoj Krishnan, and Dr Pallavi Narayan exchanged views on the multilinguistic and diverse Singapore nation, with emphasis on the cross-pollination of languages that globalisation brings, citing concerns for Chinese dialects and languages like Baby Malay and to ensuring their intergenerational transmission. Alka Balain moderated the session.

‘Untie Your Soul,’ by Jyoti Prateek, was also released. Jyoti’s poetic voice delves into life experiences that hide the doorway to unshackle the soul.

Winning writers in the poetry and short story category of ALS CARAVAN SINGAPORE WRITING CONTEST 2023 received accolades in a ceremony.

Soulful renditions by singers and poets were the event’s highlight. The program ended with the felicitation of all the participating poets and artists, followed by a vote of thanks.

ALS CARAVAN 2023 SINGAPORE celebrated writers and literature alike in Singapore’s landscape.

Asian Literary Society will continue to provide a dynamic platform to its followers and members, promoting Asian Art, culture, literature, and indigenous languages, serving women and special needs communities of Asia.