Epics are ageless! But there are few EPICS that offer Goosebumps not just when viewed on the screens, but merely with a word. That’s how the inevitable realms of ‘Heroic Epics’ in Cinema are defined and undoubtedly, ‘BAASHA’ is the word that incessantly involves your senses go through perpetual excitements. Crossing more than couple of decades, the Superstar Rajinikanth high volatile action drama remains to be everyone’s cherry-pick.

A blunt illustration for this could be when the film is aired on satellite channels for the n-th time and you walk down the streets to hear every TV box resonating the film’s sound on high volume. That’s an inevitable power that ‘BAASHA’ has drawn over the decades. Power-packed performance of ‘Thalaivar’ Rajinikanth, highly engrossing narration, nuance performance of Late Actor Raghuvaran, unbeatable score by Deva and mind-boggling action sequences has placed the film on its highest position.

On its successful completion of 50 years in film production, Sathya Movies is all set for releasing the film on Digitally Re-mastered with 5.1 surround system version. The digitally restored trailer unveiled on December 15 has clinched up the top position in social media platforms, scaling more than 1 Lac views every day on YouTube.

“This is something exceeding our very own expectations. We are bounded to mixed feelings of joy and emotions for the unconditional support. Just a minute of trailer and they started trending it up with hash tags #EpicBaasha… Well, this doesn’t limit with the emotional context of fans and followers, but has surpassed in trade circles with more business enquiries as well. Japan always celebrated ‘Rajinikanth’ Demi-God of cinema and has never missed to show is affinity for their ‘Thalaivar’. They have already decided to fly down Chennai for the grand premiere and meet Rajinikanth too. ” claims Sathya Movies and continues to add that ‘Space Box Japan’ has signed up agreement with the production house to screening the film across Japan. Right now, Japanese subtitle works are going on full swing and there is heavy downpour of business enquiries from Australia, UK, Sweden and few more countries as well.

The makers affirm that the release is tentatively scheduled in January 2017 as soon as the business is complete depending on the market conditions.