Sajid Shahid is one of the leading fashion photographers based in Delhi. The journey began with just a keen interest in cameras and taking pictures. Initially he showcased his talent in fashion photography like clothing, jewellery, portfolio and food. The passion in photography led him photo shoots with celebrities starting with Niti Taylor and his name spread in fashion industry like wildfire as his work got appreciated by renowned celebrities. Then there was no looking back for him. He captured the most popular faces of silver screen in his cameras like Pearl V Puri, Zain Imam, Randeep Rai etc. He also has worked for many renowned fashion brands and the cover page of magazines.

Another milestone of his journey was the 2019 calendar with 12 renowned personalities from television industry which has already been launched on 2nd Jan and is getting appreciation all over social media. We can see the calendar has great potential and creativity in terms of good vision and execution.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes there is lot it can’t say like feeling and emotions, Sajid goes beyond the camera and believes that passionate can take photography to a different level and execution of which becomes a surprise and makes him a unique photographer. When people asked him which equipment he uses for best photography, he usually answers,”I use my eyes, heart and soul” with dimple smile on his face. Yet when it comes to perfection he seems to be very particular about the location, lights and all that takes to create a perfect picture as we can see in his work too.

Recently he shot for Fitlook magazine cover page with a very versatile actor Sunil Grover who is well known for his comic roles in Tv and films. He has done projects in Dubai and will soon be travelling to Singapore to shoot a magazine’s cover page. We hope to see this shoot with the leading celebrity photographer as his work gets innovative and creative every time.

He has worked socially for under privileged children by sharing his knowledge with them. His video got viral where he requested his fans and friends to come forward and help Kerala flood victims.

Further landmark of his beautiful journey would be the documentary he is working on. The idea of making a documentary is how poor are unprivileged for getting adequate medical services, and how money has taken over. The name of the documentary is “Wealth is Health” yes you read it right. He is going to portray how wealth has taken over health in last decade because of highly expensive medical treatments in private hospitals of India. Though Govt is trying hard to provide helping hand grass root level but can’t reach to each and every needy person due to insufficient facilities and ever-increasing population. Only wealthy people living in metro cities manage get proper treatment whereas those from small towns face numerous problems for basic survival.

We are eagerly looking forward seeing his vision and solution for this issue he can provide as the name and the topic of his documentary itself looks very interesting. He has already started meeting doctors and victims of such problems to execute the idea better and make it as real as possible.

Sajid is now prepared to step into direction where he finds himself at a place where he believes his experience and knowledge can bring up a passionate and creative director in him. Can this be the destination of his journey or the aesthetic photographer will come up with more innovative ideas and will march on another land of creativity. We wish him very bright future and good luck for his voyage.

Photos by Sajid Shahid