In the waterlocked city state island of Singapore, coming across good Malayali cuisine can be a rareity. Even if you find one, due to regional cuisine diversity of Kerala, you tend to want more out of the experience. And in the world of online convenience today, what’s better than an app with a track record of 5000 customers and 30000 fulfilled orders, delivering from 18 Restaurants & 6 Homemade establishments. In addition, Kerala, South Indian and North Indian Cuisines are also on their menu.

Yes, the app is none other than the renowned Kerala Eats, which has increasingly become a staple app in the phones of most Indian ethnics in Singapore. The app first started its operation in August 2020, and it was founded by Jithin Tom, a homegrown Republic Poly Technic Graduate (2010-13).

They first came into prominence through their efforts during the first circuit breaker, when they helped many people during the COVID period by providing meals during the Quarantine days.

Kerala Eats is Singapore’s first and only platform to fulfil Kerala Food and groceries with an on-demand delivery service. The founders’ pride in stating, the delivery is fulfilled in 1 hour and 15 minutes; although extreme weather conditions and weekend rush would marginally affect the delivery time and charges on rare occassions.

The app has now begun to deliver Kerala Groceries from Liami Stores, Karthika Stores & Koolspice.

Pertinent details: Delivery charges are as follows:

Customer service is available through WhatsApp & Phone calls, customer service is up top, and there will always be someone to assist with all queries and any customer requests. 

Free delivery is entitled for all orders above $50 at all times. 

Restaurants that Kerala Eats deliver from include:

  1. Paradise Biryani 
  2. The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant
  3. Premaas Cuisine
  4. Swaadhisht
  5. Spice Junction
  6. HindArab
  7. My Kitchen
  8. Kaayaloram
  9. Curry Magic
  10. Marmaris
  11. Khansama Tandoori Restaurant
  12. Appam Aunty
  13. Casuarina Bistro
  14. Mugshot Bistro
  15. Pepper Castle
  16. Taste Of India
  17. Walker’s Bistro
  18. Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai
  19. Kerala Homely Meals
  20. My Singapore Kitchen
  21. Our Grandma’s Kitchen
  22. Mridu’s Cakes
  23. Lick D Cream
  24. Homemade Heaven

Download Kerala Eats from the App Store or Google Play today!