MMA Fighter Rahul Raju Is Taking On Pakistan’s Ahmed Mujtaba. And We Need To Support Our Man!

When the words India vs Pakistan come to mind in sports, cricket is the first sport, that we think of. But come February 22, it’s going to be a more intense battle between the two countries.

India’s very own MMA fighter Rahul Raju will be taking on Pakistan’s Ahmed Mujtaba in the lightweight category of the MMA Championships in Singapore.

Now the question is, did we know about it?  No, of course not! Because when it’s not cricket, any other sport hardly gets importance in our country.

Well folks, now you know, so for the love of the country stand behind Rahul as he clashes with Ahmed. We need to support our champion and be behind him at all times. The fact that any sport involving arch rivalz India and Pakistan, adds excitement significantly.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Indian fighter Rahul Raju -The Kerala Krusher: