Introduction to Kerala Studies: A Book on Kerala and Malayalee diaspora


The book “Introduction to Kerala Studies”  launched by MP Mr. Hri Kumar with Ambassador Gopinath Pillai (Chairman, ISAS), Mr P.K. Koshy (President, SMA) Dr. Antony Palackal (Editor of the book) and Dr. Alan Prem Kumar (Co-Founder and Chairman, Singapore Malayalee Heritage Centre Project, SMA) on 28th September 2012 at Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium, Education Resource Centre,  NUS University Town.

The event was jointly organized by Institute of South Asian Studies(ISAS), NUS and Singapore Malayalee Association.

The idea of this book was originated in Singapore during the World Malayalee Conference (2008). The voluminous 1400 page book is an encyclopedia of the Malayalee culture and history for anyone who is interested in getting to know more about  a place that has been referred to as ‘God’s own country’ said Dr. Antony Palackal after the launch of the book.

ISAS have been successful in bringing greater consciousness of South Asia in Singapore. Institute of South Asians Studies (ISAS) keen on build up a real, very in depth knowledge on the diaspora. The diaspora is very successful part of South Asia, even among Malayalees. For this Book,  from ISAS we had intense discussion of 40 scholars on various aspects of diaspora;  said  Ambassador Gopinath Pillai Chairman of ISAS during the launch.

This book could be the first ever produced, completive on Kerala and Malayalee diaspora to know their ancestor’s land, Said Mr.Hri Kumar MP,  at Launch of the book.

(If you wish to purchase the book please contact Dr. Alan Prem Kumar on [email protected] or Mr. Indu Kumar on [email protected] and the book comprising 2 volumes are priced at SGD 185)

Note: Watch out for review of the book “Introduction to Kerala Studies” on forthcoming printed editions of Pravasi Express.