IPAC 2023 – Day 2 Glimpses and Highlights

Photo Credits : Lijesh/Apsaras Arts

Singapore -June 18, 2023: If I were to give a themed-title to Indian Performing Arts Convention (IPAC) 2023 I would simply call it “The Feast”. While the art experiences conjured up by Aravinth Kumarasamy’s ingenious curative talent are feast to the eyes, ears, imagination and soul, the lip-smacking meals and snack time treats provide a feast for every other part of the body. After rigorous class sessions of the day, students and teachers were treated today to a bounty – a delectable spicy-tasty vegetarian Thai cuisine that made mouths (and some eyes too) water!

My personal challenge today was to complete teaching an entire dance to a group of students in just a 2-hour session. I had chosen an abstract metaphysical concept that is not very easy to depict. But the girls delighted me with the enthusiasm with which they kept pace with my high energy choreography and philosophical portrayals! Well, obviously, the students at IPAC are special too!

The lecture session of the evening was a fascinating journey into the connections between the Cosmos and Nataraja by V R Devika. With meaningful references and visuals, she created a distinctive garland of astronomy, art, sculptural creations, mythic stories and temple rituals – a feat indeed, that drew ‘wows’, ‘oohs, and ‘aaahs’ from the enchanted audience.
The day ended on a high note with an Esplanade Studio performance “Samanvaya – A Euphonic Coexistence” as Niranjan Pandian and his Collective created a blend of Carnatic music with sounds of jazz, pop, blues and funk!
And thus concluded the Day of Feasts!

By Ramaa Bharadvaj

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