Noted Kerala spiritual scientist to conduct Inner Child Healing class in Singapore


Noted counsellor, psychologist and spiritual scientist Jiji Vijayan will be in Singapore on July 8 and 9, 2022, to conduct a class on Inner Child Healing.

“It helps us map our personal journey from childhood to adulthood, understanding how every experience serves to shape our life,” she said. “Traumas or difficult experiences from childhood can infiltrate every part of life today and you can lose touch with the real you.

“It is a journey of self-discovery. When you face your inner demons, some of which may be so deeply buried within, you may find it difficult, and certainly emotional. You may also have deeply embedded emotional blocks which need to be eradicated safely so you can shake off the shackles of stress and start to live life to the full.”

The Trivandrum-based healer, who elevates the beliefs of people to solid levels and helps reprogramme their livee, pointed out that often childhood experiences leave scars of anger, guilt, blame, frustration and pain. But, when the adult persona is allowed to integrate with the inner child personas, we can reclaim our personal power and feel in control of our life and be happy again.

“During the covid times we have seen people feel lonely and fearful, not able to go out and mingle,” she said. “They feel depressed and their self-belief and self-esteem spirals down. When we do the inner child healing process and embrace the little you in your personality, the happiness and fulfilment are felt.
“Further the individual feels he must do do something for self-care and blooms from within.”

Dr Jiji usuaally deals with people who are aged 15 years and above. “Each has an unique set of needs and I cater accordingly,” she said.

Being a lawyer for more than two decades, Dr Jiji has dealt with a variety of legal subjects as well. She is an expert in soft skills and inner, emotional and relationship management.

“I became an expert in inner healing after I attended various healing courses from eminent personalities both offline and online,” she said. “Studying or learning a course doesn’t guarantee that you heal. With practical application and managing the self, I have changed myself and my outlook of life. I believe
only practice makes one manage the self. With years of self practice and helping others practice, I have achieved great results.”

The counselling psychologist with MSc. in Psychology has counselled several thousand people and students. “In Singapore I want people to experience the blissful state of life in the day to day life,” said Dr Jiji, who is also an Inner Child Healing diploma holder from the Centre of Excellence.

“This course and practising it daily will help the person connect to his original state of being – which is to be happy, relaxed and live life to the fullest.

“This is not a treatment or medication, it is a self-management technique. I make it possible for people to get more control of their situation and state and help cope with stress, tension and setbacks in life.

It is repairing and strengthening of the mind and spirit to improve th quality of life even when no physical cure is possible.”

She usually deals with these problems: 
* Insecurity during chaos, confusion or the vacuum of repressed feelings.
* Frustration, hurt
* Fear
* Feeling that it is not safe to grow up, to accept love, or to share feelings.
* Not loving the body and self
* A denial of true feelings
* A denial of the person we are
* Trying hard to live up to others’ expectations.
* Never being given or taking the freedom
* Feeling caged
* Abuse
* Neglect
* Abandonment
* Emotions after Tragic events
* Lack of approval, attention, affection
* Causing criminal damage
* Being overly competitive
* Dependency on others or addictions
* Inability to forge strong friendships
* Passive or aggressive
* Taking too much responsibility etc.

Dr Jiji has successfully assisted people in tapping their full potential and spotting their unique soul purpose in life.

“I help peopl connect to their original self or their true self,” she said. “Look into the situations or problems or challenges they are facing in a different aspect and reframe the situation.

“I help them increase self esteem, self love and self image with various techniques. I help them dissociate with the negative aspects and transform them into positive and happy persons.”