Singapore: Centenary Year Aradhana for the Legendary Vocalist/Composer Ramanathapuram Sri. Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar, “Tribute to legend -3 days Concert Series on from 9th-11th March 2018 6:00 PM onwards  at SIFAS.. Free adminission, all are welcome.

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About Ramanathapuram Sri.”Poochi” SrinivasaIyengar

Ramanathapuram A. Srinivasa Iyengar , better known “Poochi”Srinivasa Iyengar or simply as Sri.’Poochi’ Iyengar was the Greatest Lakshna, Lakshya Maha Vidwan and Towering Music Personality of all time. Sri. Poochi Iyengar was the Samasthana Vidwan of Ramanathapuram and greatly patronized by Sri Bhaskara Sethupathi, the King of Ramanad.

Sri Poochi Iyengar  was born  on 16th August 1860. He learnt Carnatic Music from the eminent composer and musician,  Sri Patnam Subramania Iyer .  Sri ‘Poochi’ Iyengar  belonged to the lineage of Saint Sri.Thyagaraja Swamy himself  through his Guru Sri. Patnam Subramania Iyer (1845-1902), his Parama Guru Sri. Manambuchavadi Venkatasubbayyar (1798-1886) and his Parameshta Guru Sri.Thyagaraja Swamy (1767-1847). Very Soon Sri.Poochi Iyengar became the most sought after performer of his times. He had a very rich and melodious voice and had the brilliance of crystalline beads. His brigas were characterized by natural and easy flow and his singing was effortless with a smile on his face. Of the twin factors in music, melody and rhythm, he gave prominence to the former.  Sri.Poochi  Iyengar was proficient in Tamil, Telugu and Sanskrit and English and Sri Poochi Iyengar was the first ever Carnatic Musician to speak fluently in English.

Poochi Iyengar became a versatile composer in the true “Patnam” tradition, and had composed tana varnams,  padavarnam, kritis, javalis, tillanas, kavadichindus  with mudra ‘Srinivasa’. His tillanas are historically interesting for some of them are dedicated to the rulers of Mysore, Ramnad and Sivaganga.

Sri. Poochi Iyengar’s immortal compositions include ‘Swaraguna Palimpa’ in Kedara Goulai and ‘Sadhguru Swamiki’ in Reethi Goulai. It is said his disciple Bangalore Nagarathnamma (1878-1952) would start the Saint Thyagaraja Aradhana only with ‘Sadhguru Swamiki’.  Though a disciple of Sri Patnam, Sri.Poochi  Iyengar was greatly influence by Sri.Maha Vaidhyanatha Sivan (1844-1893) and as a tribute he had composed two thillanas in Talas with complex angas such as Lakshmisa and Ragavardhini  in Kapi and Panthuvarali  respectively.  His compositions gained permanent place in the repertoire of Carnatic Music.

Poochi Iyengar was a dedicated Guru and trained many disciples of eminence in gurukula system.  The apple of PoochiIyengar’s eye was undoubtedly Ariakkudi Sri. RamanujaIyengar (1890-1967), who blazed a trail for over fifty years in Carnatic music.  Before Sri. Ariyakudi who fashioned and perfected the present day cutchery format, it was Sri.Poochi Iyengar anticipated the shift from the old format and had started making adjustments.

  • PoochiIyengar was actively involved in the TyagarajaAradhana and was Vice President of the Tyagaraja Parabrahma Vaibhava Prakasa Sabha .
  • Poochi Iyengar passed away in 1919 but he is still living and would live forever with his immortal compositions.