Reader’s Column: “Singapore- The truly multi-racial”


Dear Editor,

Last Tuesday 28th Jan  my friends and I  had our annual Lo Hei golf game followed by a  dinner at a Restaurant  in AMK . I was the only Indian ( born in India – migrated here 56 years ago) in the group. The whole restaurant  was filled to the brim with foreign workers , predominantly Indians. The dinners were hosted by the Chinese bosses who went around table to table to "Yam Seng" with the young workers far away for their homes. It was a sight to behold .

Last Friday I invited an old Army friend ( Chinese) to dinner at Ceylon Sports Club. He migrated to New Zealand 20 years ago and came for CNY to visit his parents and sons working in Spore. There were many present , Chinese, Indians , Ceylonese, British Cricketers etc. The Filipino trio was belting out songs in Tamil, Hindi , Indonesian and Japanese. There were several Chinese including a committee member . I asked my Chinese female  guest  to sing a Chinese song . She obliged singing Xiao Wei – famous love song much to the delight of every one. My friend from NZ told me this is one of his most memorable nights in his life.

In the course of conversation I told my friend the I have a small stone in the kidney under observation now. He told me he had 5 stones in his kidney which was treated by TCM medicine couple of years ago. Next day he brougt me to the same TCM shop and we bought the same capsule which he used. 

43 years ago I married a Singaporean of mixed descent  and had a Chinese Dinner at AA  Jade restaurant . It was uncommon for Indians to give Chinese dinner in those  days. My best man was Chinese fellow officer form the Army, the bridesmaid was Eurasian, fiancee of a friend of mine. 

Only in Singapore this can happen – truly multi-racial 

MAJ(Ret) Mark Rajan