Reed Exhibitions Japan’s 27th Japan IT Week Spring: A Must-Attend IT Show


Tokyo, Japan: Reed Exhibitions Japan will be holding the 27th edition of Japan IT Week Spring from May 9 to 11 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.

Japan IT Week Spring is the largest annual business platform in Japan for IT professionals, covering various sectors of IT ranging from microprocessors to the latest applications. This year 91,000 professional visitors and 1,700 exhibitors will gather to Tokyo Big Sight. The show is composed of thirteen independent exhibitions including brand-new AI show:

With the needs for high quality products, the latest technologies and international outsourcing increasing in the Japanese IT market, exhibitors joining Japan IT Week Spring from overseas have been rising. Reflecting such trend, the percentage of international firms and international pavilions will be 1.3 fold higher and the overall scale will be expanding by 10%.

Newly Launching: AI & Business Automation Expo Spring

One of the highlights of this year’s show will be the newly launching exhibition,

AI & Business Automation Expo Spring. The exhibition is launching to aid the increasing demands to invest in the field of AI & Automation Technology. Exhibits will include back office/workflow automation, RPA/robot automation, chatbot & automated dialog system, data analysis automation, development & test automation, marketing automation, and AI applications.

Japan’s leading companies such as NTT DATA, HITACHI SOLUTIONS, TOSHIBA DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, KONICA MINOLTA, and NOMURA RESEARCH INSTITUTE will be showcasing their latest AI technology and automation solutions. The launch of AI & Business Automation Expo Spring is one of the contributing factors for the show expansion and increasing overall participation. Since the show is concurrently held with IoT/M2M Expo (IoT/M2M Spring) and Big Data Management Expo (BIG DATA Spring), the show is expected to gather large quantity of visitors in emerging technology industry.

Next-Generation IoT

IoT/M2M Expo (IoT/M2M Spring)” has been serving as the networking platform for manufacturers and solution providers with exhibits related to connective technologies and applications to negotiate business at 27th Japan IT Week Spring. The IoT technology continues to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace and emerge new business such as 5G technology. From devices, operators, solution providers to applications related to IoT and M2M, a wide range of firms such as TOSHIBA, NEC, ARM, HUAWEI, SIEMENS, MICRON MEMORY, HITACHI, SONY STORAGE MEDIA SOLUTIONS, FANUC, CASIO COMPUTER, NTT DOCOMO and MICROSOFT will be exhibiting.

Special Session will be delivered at the conference held parallel to the exhibition where ARM, HUAWEI and OMRON will explain newly generated global market values, technical developments and essential next steps in the field of IoT and data revolution. The three major Japanese mobile phone operators DOCOMO, SOFTBANK and KDDI will also hold Special Sessions.

Key Technology – Embedded Systems

With the expansion of IoT/M2M Expo (IoT/M2M Spring), Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC) is also rapidly growing as comparing technology of IoT and M2M. Major firms exhibiting from Japan include AMD, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, CANON IT SOLUTIONS, TQ SYSTEMS, VECTOR SOFTWARE and more.

On the topic of embedded systems, executives from TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION and DENSO CORPORATION will be holding talks on the future outlook of AI, embedded systems and autonomous driving technology at the Keynote Session.

Solutions for Information Security

With the rise in cyber threat, cyber awareness and cybercrime in Japan, information security is a major area of concern. The rapid growth of IoT and AI technology also inevitably draws attention towards security issues related to connectivity. Major firms exhibiting include TREND MICRO, ESET, PROOF POINT, CYBERX, FIRE EYE, CYLANCE, CANON MARKETING, KYOCERA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS and many more exhibitors will be showcasing various exhibits such as hacking preventions, DoS preventions, anti-virus solutions, internet intrusion protections, data destruction/recovery, as well as IT asset management products and services.

At the Special Session for Information Security Expo (IST Spring), MICROSOFT will give a speech on the current status and future of cyber security and LAC will speak on cyber threat of today as well as the countermeasures.

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27th Japan IT Week Spring is Expanding Internationally

Japan IT Week Spring is Japan’s largest trade show with established presence in Japanese IT industry and the show has been growing consistently attracting more and more IT professionals around the world. This year, the show is expecting to welcome 350 international exhibitors from 21 different countries and the number of national pavilions has also increased due to the high demand. The show truly serves as the best platform to connect with the latest IT solutions from all over the world.

In addition to the must-see 13 exhibitions, 27th Japan IT Week Spring holds a total of 57 conference sessions conducted by globally renowned speakers in the industry such as MICROSOFT, ARM and HUAWEI covering a wide range of the latest topics.

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27th Japan IT Week Spring is inarguably a must-attend show that provides solutions for all global IT experts.

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