Singaporean Indian Actor Gibu George Triumphs at 2023 Barcelona International Film Festival


Barcelona, September 22, 2023 – Singaporean Indian actor Gibu George has emerged as a shining star on the global cinematic stage, claiming top honors at the prestigious Barcelona International Film Festival held this year. His outstanding performance in the film ‘The Wheel,’ directed by Rajith Mohan, catapulted him to victory in the Best Actor category.

‘The Wheel,’ a cinematic gem, was the sole nominated film from Singapore at the festival and managed to secure its place in two key categories – Best Film and Best Actor. It is noteworthy that Rajith Mohan, the visionary behind the film, along with the lead actors Gibu George and Jayaram Nair, proudly represented Singapore at the festival. They served as both ambassadors of their home country and the sole Indian-origin delegates in attendance.

Jayaram Nair, Gibu George, and the director of the film Rajith Mohan at Film Festival

The Barcelona International Film Festival, renowned for its stringent selection process, saw ‘The Wheel’ shine among over 1000 submissions, with just around 200 films making the cut for official screening at the event. ‘The Wheel’ made the cut and achieved the remarkable distinction of being selected for the final round in both the Best Film and Best Actor categories.

Gibu George’s exceptional talent and dedication to his craft were evident as he clinched his spot among the top five finalists in the Best Actor category. In a thrilling moment, he was ultimately announced as the winner, making Singapore and the entire Indian diaspora proud.

The nominations and award of “The Wheel” is a testament to the burgeoning talents within Singapore’s film industry and highlights the growing influence of Indian cinema on the global stage.