Special Poojas during Chakkulath kaavu Bhagavathi’s visit to Singapore


Chakkulath kaavu Bhagavathi is visiting Singapore from 25th – 29th Sep @ Race course Road Open space. Various special Poojas are planned everday during this period in Morning and Evening.


This divine ritual Showers the devotee with Prosperity, Peace and Complacence. It is ideal for the good Prospects of the future generations in the family. It also melts down any discord in human relations thereby equipping us to retain a surprising balance in our life. The pooja centres upon Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathy, the Father and Mother of this Universe.

Couples and other devotees also can participate in this ritual by chanting the little prayer advocated by the priest and offering the flowers to the holy lamp thereafter.


Goddess Mahalakshmi blesses us with Material as well as Spiritual welfare. This Pooja is designed to cover the Special mantras of the Goddess including the well Known Kanakadhara Sthothra. The story goes that Adisankara during his Spiritual  journey, came across a very poor women, she had nothing to offer him except Gooseberry which she submitted with extreme  devotion. Touched by the innocent devotion of the women, Sankara immediately  created  a prayer about Goddess Mahalakshmi  and started Chanting it. Surprisingly a number of golden Gooseberries started Pouring down. The poor women collected them and  was thus saved  off her mistery. The prayer  framed in Sanskrit came to be known as Kanakahara.


Maha Sudarsana Homam is a very powerful Homam which fulfills your desires, removes all kind of poverty and brings health, wealth, peace and prosperity. It is a powerful homam that removes all obstacles in your path and makes you successful in your mission. It removes your worries and grant you happiness. By the chanting of powerful Mantras in sudharsana homa remove all your enemies and gives you  protection in all fronts. After this homa,  Holy Satya Narayana Puja is held periodically for you for next 2 months.


Saraswathi is the Goddess of wisdom, arts and real knowledge. She is believed to perfect our lives in all ways. Blessings from the Great Mother enables us to walk through the correct path of life and help us to know the real self. We will be blessed with calmness, peace of mind and perfect bliss.

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