Thuppaki : A no-nonsense, crisp thriller


I like masala movies. Mindless movies where the hero sets everything right by the end of the movie and all’s well that ends well. Fine! It’s not reality as such. But I don’t always want reality in a movie when I have to deal with it every single day in life. A mindless masala movie is a great excuse for me to switch off my brain (or whatever is left of it!) and just watch the images moving on screen without having to think twice about the inner workings of the director’s mind on why he chose to portray a shot this way or that way. Creative liberty I say! 🙂

And in that context, I saw this movie ‘Thuppaki’ couple of weeks back. I generally am not a great fan of Vijay. I like some of his movies. I don’t like most of his movies. Yes! He does mostly mass movies. Mindless action. Unbelievable stunts, over-the-top drama, that’s how I always associate his movies. I mean the man has got to play up to his image. The only 2 movies that I really enjoyed of his were ‘Ghilli’ and ‘Pokiri’. I now add ‘Thuppaki’ to that list. And for the one single reason that, it never gets boring. Well maybe except for the songs and that hopeless love track. But apart from that, it’s a good crisp movie. Keeps you hooked on if only to see how the end plays out which it does in a very cinematic way.

But again I reiterate; it’s a good movie. Vijay is stylish, his fight scenes are brilliantly done, and he underplays his character in a very controlled manner which was something really appealing after the over-the-top sentimental mush being churned out these days. Like I said, when I watch a movie, I don’t want to see stark reality being portrayed on screen. Come on! I do not want to know how Vijay happened to be in the right place at the right time for the bomb blast… I don’t want to know how the defense minister or secretary did not know that Vijay was a specialist of some sort in the army… I don’t want to know how his dog managed to sniff out the gang’s hideout in the busy streets of Mumbai… I don’t want to know how he managed to repair his fractures all by himself at the end and gave the villain a good fight… all I want to know and am interested in is whether he will always be one step ahead of the villain… whether he will reach the villain’s hideout and whether the good guys will win over the bad guy… that’s the feeling I want to leave the movie hall with. Not with a glum face, finding out that I did not receive my money’s worth or time’s worth of two and half hours…

Thuppaki Trailer

The things I liked about the movie far out-weigh the cons. Cool, calm and collected. Retaliation without getting sentimental about anything. A no-nonsense character that is ready to chop off the bad guy’s fingers without a fuss or a qualm and is ready to play mind-games with the villain and one who is shown intelligent enough to solve a Rubik’s cube. It’s not easy and it’s these subtle scenes that outline Vijay’s character. The entire movie – save for the love track and the songs – was crisp, controlled and not over the top. And the brusque way that he ends the villain’s life. No long drawn out complicated explanations or sentimental drags. Crisp, like I said!

And a movie with the military backdrop, appeals to the little bit of patriotism in my head … that clinched it! 🙂 Simple, really!!

Rating: 4/5