YG Mahendra comes to Singapore with two plays ‘ITHU NYAYAMA SIR’ and ‘CHARUKESI’ that have won hearts worldwide with their story.

A still from the play ‘Ithu Nyayama Sir

Singapore: Seyon Pro Pte Ltd and KS Talkies bring United Amateur Artists (UAA) in its 71st year and Y G Mahendra (YgeeM) in his 62nd year on stage and 52nd year in films comes to Singapore to celebrate the festive season with two cult-classic plays – ‘Ithu Nyayama Sir’ and ‘Charukesi’.

The two plays are being staged on October 21, 2023 and October 22, 2023 respectively at the PGP Hall, Sri Perumal Temple, Serangoon Road, Singapore at 6pm.

The story and dialogues for both plays are written by Venkat; performed by the top artistes of United Amateur Artists (UAA) theatre group, dramatised and directed by the legendary Y G Mahendra.

The plays have been performed to rave reviews and standing ovations in India and abroad. The play showcases YgeeM’s mastery of dialogue, direction and acting, as well as his ability to blend humor and drama seamlessly.

Tickets can be purchased at https://sg.bookmyshow.com/. Tickets are priced at SGD 60 and SGD 100. There is a special package if you want to watch both plays

Ithu Nyayama Sir – Saturday, 21 October 2023, 6pm

A still from the play ‘Ithu Nyayama Sir’

Ithu Nyayama Sir is a power packed, comedy play interlaced with suspense that throws light on the loopholes in the legal system.

The play was first staged in 1989 and has been performed to superb reviews over 350 times in the past 34 years.

A young man is sentenced to life imprisonment in a murder case, because of overwhelming evidence against him. But he is innocent. Wanting to clear his name, he escapes from prison, and lines up all those responsible for his wrongful imprisonment. He wants an informal retrial, and the place he chooses for this is the house of the judge who handed down the sentence.

Conveniently for him, the house is in a desolate area, and the judge has no neighbours. How Rahul proves his innocence through this retrial is the story of UAA’s ‘Ithu Nyayama Sir’

The highlight of Ithu Nyayama Sir is YgeeM in a hilarious role of a cook called Peking Pichumani.

Story and Dialogues written by Venkat, Dramatised & Directed by YgeeM, Performed by the top artistes of UAA.

Charukesi – Sunday, 22 October 2023, 6pm

A still from the play ‘Charukesi’

Charukesi is a powerful, classic play that will warm the hearts of all theatre aficionados. It is named after a raga in Carnatic music that evokes eelings of pathos and devotion.

It is a Carnatic Musician’s Life S(R)aga Story. The story revolves around the life of Charukesi, a well-known musician, and how he scales the up and downs of life. It delves deep into the profound connection between music, memory and the human spirit when he is diagnosed with Alzheimers.

Distraught over being ridiculed by people, who once celebrated his musical skills, he and his family find ways to cope with the situation.

The play also uses music as a key element to create the mood and atmosphere of the story. The play features original songs composed by YGM himself, as well as some popular film songs based on Charukesi raga.

Charukesi is a powerful story laced with UAA’s brand of classy humor and a liberal dose of Classical Music. A Must See For All Theatre Lovers.
With audiences and critics accepting the play, YgeeM decided to make it into a film. The play has been turned into a film script by National Award Winning filmmaker, Vasanth S Sai.

The play travels to Singapore after a very successful tour of 15 cities in USA where it received an overwhelming, standing ovation in each city.

Story Inspired by late dramatist Crazy Mohan
Written by Venkat
Dramatised & Directed by YgeeM
Performed by the top artistes of UAA.
Title Music is by Rajhesh Vaidhya and
Background Score by Hindu Bala