5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Living!



Want to wear your favorite figure hugging dress for a much awaited wedding, but worried about your flabs and don't have time to workout in your busy schedule?? Here are some tips to lose body fat  without altering much in your lifestyle.It will be tough to reduce the whole body fat in one shot; still you can lose belly fat by reducing the fat percentage. 
Tip #1
Eat Plenty of Healthy Foods and Say Good Bye to Fried Foods.
Replacing Deep Fried meat with grilled or steamed one can be a good alternative. Try to include Salads in your diet (vegetables and plenty of seasonal fruits), pulses (huge sources of Protein) whole grain bread, brown rice, pastas and Oats (sources of fiber).
Tip #2
Drink Plenty of Water and stay away from Alcoholic Beverages.
Keep an eye on what you drink. Reduce the daily consumption of alcoholic beverages, chocolate drinks which are high in empty Calories and Sugars. Apart from sugars, most drinks are high in sweeteners and fructose which will be easily converted into fat. So the best option is to drink plain water in plenty which is a healthier choice.
Stay focused on your Daily exercise.
If your goal is to reduce the fat on your belly, then focus more on Core strengthening exercises. It is better to take stairs one at a time, which help in burning calories faster compared to brisk walking. It's better to involve in moderate intensity activities (swimming, dancing or jogging) 30 min a day for 5 days a week. Workout should be progressive, i.e. you must move faster or lift heavier to keep improving.
Skipping Breakfast makes you gain weight. (Don't starve but eat Often!!!)
Starving yourself will only help in gaining weight. It's better to eat something every 2-3 hours rather than having 2-3 big meals per day. Skipping breakfast leads to overeating. Because by the time you wake up, your blood sugar is low. If you wait until lunch time it's even lower! Having huge meals after a long gap will spike your blood sugar in turn increases insulin level. The excess insulin helps your body to store fat easily. Portion controlled well balanced meal is the best alternative to speed up metabolism.
Be Positive!!
Weight loss is not a fast process. It takes lots of time and lots of hard work but if you keep the end goal in sight you can be successful. So set your mind and be determined, the result will be yours.
Stay Healthy Stay Fit!!!